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Decoration of the World, Incense & Home Fragrances, Jewelry & Fashion Accessories, Lithotherapy & Rare Crystals... At Coco Papaya you will find a thousand and one Treasures of the World and a wide choice of gift ideas!

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1001 Treasures of the World, 6 Universes

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A huge choice of semi-precious stone jewelry for fans of lithotherapy, but also fashion accessories, handmade beach pareos, or even wooden hairpins to create a trendy look at low prices!

A must-have: with the code JEWEL take advantage of 3+1 FREE on all the jewelry and fashion accessories in your basket! (Add 4 eligible items to your cart: the least expensive of the 4 is free).

The famous decoration brands offer lots of pretty things... Which we then find in everyone's home! With Coco Papaya's world decoration, create your own style, inspired by exotic and varied cultures and trends such as:

We offer you hundreds of ideas to make your home a unique place:

- A large choice of wooden statues and sculptures, but also stone or bronze carvings: Buddha statues, animal statues, abstract or modern statuettes...

- A selection of very spicy wall decoration, to illuminate your walls, but also your doors: door plaques and signs, wall hangings, African or Maori masks, mirrors of all sizes, wooden or glass mosaic wall friezes, hooks and original coat racks...

- Very zen indoor fountains to create a small space dedicated to relaxation.

- Tableware, to receive your guests with elegance and refinement, with pretty placemats made of natural materials and surprising bottle displays.

- A complete range of ethnic lightings: Bali table lamps, Moroccan wall lights, rattan chandeliers... The latest lighting trends are in stock, ready to ship!

- And of course the finds that we will never tire of: handmade dream catchers, photo albums made from plant materials, practical and stylish jewelry boxes, world musical instruments, not forgetting bamboo wind chimes for the garden.

Too many choices? It's true that among more than 3000 different objects, it can be difficult to find your way around. Let us guide you: choose the style of decoration that you like and we will offer you ideas that you can filter according to your budget, your favorite colors, or the patterns that inspire you!

Coco Papaya also helps you cultivate the art of well-being thanks to its ranges of home fragrances, natural cosmetics and teas and infusions from around the world:

- Our natural incense, our essential oils, our home fragrance extracts and other fragrant melts will help you create a unique olfactory atmosphere and establish a feeling of comfort and well-being in your living space. Discover the recognized benefits of aromatherapy today!

- Our hygiene and beauty products have been selected to meet consumer requirements, compliance with European standards, and the specifications of the main cosmetic certification labels.

- Do you need a moment of relaxation? We are currently developing a complete range dedicated to relaxation, with professional quality massage oils,  and numerous accessories to relax muscles and relieve joints.!

Spread the word around you so that things change: test our products dedicated to beauty & well-being, then share your opinion by posting a comment on the store, you will help other consumers in their research.

With such a huge choice, you are sure to find something to spoil your loved ones in our online store. There is something for all styles, and for all budgets.

Is your best friend very superstitious? Give him a lucky gift!

A close relative who collects turtles? We have a selection of gift ideas for him.

In short, if you need help finding an original gift idea, we can help you and offer you hundreds of suggestions full of charm and authenticity!

Jewelry designers, discover our range of professional wooden jewelry displays and easily create showcases to highlight the beauty of your products:

  • We offer several models of busts and other necklace displays of all sizes to elegantly display your chokers and necklaces.
  • Our ingenious bracelet and watch displays combine aesthetics and efficiency, to display and showcase numerous models of bracelets in a small footprint, using the 3 dimensions of the available space.
  • Our ring displays may be the solution you have been looking for for so long. Many jewelers think that it is the most difficult piece of jewelry to display in the window. Test our solutions and evaluate the results!
  • Same observation for earrings which are also difficult to display. This is without counting on our craftsmen who do not lack creativity to imagine earring displays that are both practical and visually attractive.
  • Staging is a sales tool in its own right. Our multifunctional displays and jewelry trees will allow you to display several pieces of jewelry from the same range together and thus develop your cross-sales.
  • Finally, take care of your image down to the smallest detail, with our entirely hand-sculpted business card displays.

You are not a professional but simply passionate about jewelry?

Our clever displays are also very practical for storing everything without getting tangled... Imagine: all your rings within sight on a single support, all your necklaces within reach in a single gesture, the ease of choosing in a fraction of a second which of your bracelets goes best with your outfit of the day...

If you like jewelry, a little detour to our range of jewelry displays is a must!

What Coco Papaya would like to share with you above all is a humanist vision of commerce, and of society as a whole. Every day, we strive to promote ethical, fair and environmentally friendly trade. By getting to know us, you will discover that these convictions are materialized in particular by the selection of products that are offered in the store.

We are convinced that trade does not necessarily rhyme with pillage of natural resources and exploitation of man by man. On the contrary, we believe that trade is a fantastic opportunity to bring people together, to live better together, to make nature's riches grow without depleting them... provided you choose wisely!

A significant portion of our products are of artisanal origin, particularly in the decoration category, and support talented artisans who, like each of us, wish to work while taking care of others and the planet.

Coco Papaya makes firm commitments in this regard and has drawn up an ethical charter which governs our daily actions and summarizes our business philosophy.

Coco Papaya is a European company based in the north of France.

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A European company

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