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BRAC01546 Rh
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Elastic bracelet in reconstituted Rhodochrosite beads 8mm Bracelet length: approx. 18cm (ideal for wrists with a circumference of 16 to 19.5cm). Material: 8mm beads in reconstituted Rhodochrosite (24 beads approximately). Slight differences in appearance are possible compared to the model pictured. A stone of sweetness and unconditional love...
Stones and natural minerals
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Farewell anger and bitterness! Hello, sweetness and cheerfulness! Life presents itself in a new light with Chrysoprase Lot weight: about 20 to 25g. Stone size: 2.5 x 1cm on average (variable). The stones that make up this lot are rolled stones of free shapes, weights and varying sizes. Each lot consists of 5 to 6 small stones in natural Chrysoprase...
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Charm Bracelet "Compassion," decorated with 7 pearls, rhodochrosite natural + gift bag available. This bracelet is adjustable thanks to a clever system of linkages sliding ! Therefore, it can be worn by any person, adult or child, regardless of its morphology. Link cotton. Diameter adjustable up to 10cm approximately. Diameter of beads = 6mm. The...

Rhodochrosite in Lithotherapy.

From ancient Greek "Rhodon" which means "rose", rhodochrosite sports a rose which evokes softness. A very pretty stone that is mainly found in the form of jewelry.

There are many varieties of rhodochrosites which are all opaque and predominantly soft pink in color. They differ in the other shades of colors which can range from beige to dark brown, through orange, white and gray.

Virtues and benefits of rhodochrosite stone.

Worn as a jewel, rhodochrosite helps to adopt a positive attitude on a daily basis. It instills in us the joy of living, humility, and the pleasure of sharing with others. It is also recommended to overcome heartaches more quickly.

Lithotherapy practitioners recommend consuming rhodochrosite elixir to treat certain skin disorders such as psoriasis or rosacea.
Worn as a jewel, it will act mainly as an anti-stress.

How to purify and recharge the rhodochrosite stone?

To purify your jewelry or stones rolled in rhodochrosite, favor purification by salt, because it does not like to stay too long in water. Place your gem or your tumbled howlite stone for a few hours on a bed of sea salt or Himalayan salt, then wipe with a clean cloth.
For reloading, expose the rhodochrosite to sunlight for 2-3 hours. It can also recharge when placed on a cluster of rock crystal or amethyst.

Rhodochrosite and astrology.

Rhodochrosite is particularly suitable for natives of the signs of Leo, Scorpio, and Aries.

Rhodochrosite according to the Yoga Kundalini doctrine.

The action of rhodochrosite is ideal on the 3rd chakra (solar plexus) and the 4th chakra (of the heart).

Warning: The indications and properties indicated here are taken from feedback from users and from reference books in the field. Stones and lithotherapy in general are alternative energy therapies that can help you on a daily basis, but their use should in no way replace medical advice or modern medicine.

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