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Large Wall Clock in Wood and Black Hands Dimensions: diameter 60 x thickness 1.50cm approximately. Material: wood (Paulownia). Works with 1 battery of 1.5V AA (not included). The particularly original design of this clock gives it a resolutely modern and design look. This clock is warm in its material and simple in its design and natural color. The...

Wall clocks and clocks to install: useful and essential decorative objects!

In the category of useful decorative objects, the clock reserves a place of choice because by giving us the time, and sometimes also the date, it offers us a service that we use several times a day, to better organize our time.

The wall clock, just like the clock to be installed, can be placed in most rooms of the house: essential in the living room, it is also very popular in the kitchen, the entrance hall, or also in the corridor that allows to circulate from one room to another. That is why, to achieve an elegant and consistent visual effect, it is important to choose a clock whose style is coordinated with that of the room in which it is located.

Coco Papaya offers you here a selection of wall clocks and clocks to install in different styles, designed with different materials, in order to successfully integrate into your interior decoration.

Do you fall for the chic ethnic décor atmosphere or for a Bohemian-inspired style ? Our aged wooden clocks will combine wonderfully with the natural materials that predominate in your home!

Do you like to comfort yourself in the sweet nostalgia of a retro vintage or industrial style trendy décor ? The patinated metal, the visible gears, and the large Roman numerals perfectly reproduce the style of the clocks of the 18th and 19th century.

We constantly make sure to offer you the clocks that will sublimate your interior decoration! Now it remains to be determined if you will opt for a wall clock or to pose?

The wall clock to dress your walls

We advise you to know precisely where you are going to hang your wall clock before you buy it. This will help you know which clock size is best for you, but also pre-select the colors and materials that best match the piece in question.

Regarding the size of the clock, it depends essentially on the space available on the wall. The more space you have, the more imposing the clock can be, and this is a possibility you should consider because large clocks have a really amazing decorative contribution!

The clock to set: elegance and discretion

The clocks to be installed are generally smaller than wall clocks, but perhaps because they are less common, they have this ability to capture the eye by focusing on the originality of the design. You will sometimes find clocks to put on with unsuspected shapes, in 3 dimensions, which are not allowed to wall clocks.

The choice is more difficult than expected? Do not hesitate to ask our customer service for advice: our suggestions could be useful to you to finally find the new clock you have been looking for for so long!

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