The Mandala

The Mandala: a rich, universal symbol that invites us to meditate

The mandala, a Sanskrit term meaning "circle" or "center", has its origins in the spiritual context of Hinduism and Buddhism, where it is used to symbolically represent the cosmos and facilitate meditation.

The practice has spread to other cultures, including Tibetan Buddhism, Native American traditions and Western psychology with Carl Jung. Over time, the mandala has evolved into a therapeutic and meditative art form, offering a powerful visual expression of harmony, spirituality and self-understanding.

Our collection: the Mandala in different forms

Every object in our "Mandala" collection is a spiritual work of art designed to arouse emotions and create memories.

From perfume diffusers and coasters to mugs and mug diffusers, our range offers a diversity of creations, all centered around this emblematic symbol.

Our collection offers a wide choice, for all budgets, to meet all expectations.

Meaningful gifts

Giving a gift decorated with a Mandala shows your intention to wish the very best to someone dear to you: imagine your wishes forharmony, spirituality, creativity or positive meditation. The Mandala contains an enormous amount of positive energy and evokes profound notions such as protection, positive energy, emotional connection and even transformation.

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