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Discover our Indian incense sticks from the Krishan brand.

An unforgettable olfactory journey to India, with Krishan incense

Founded in 1951, the Indian company Krishan is a manufacturer of superior quality incense sticks. With over 70 years of experience in incense manufacturing, it is certainly a brand to know for all lovers of home fragrances.

Krishan incense sticks are handmade in India, using natural ingredients and traditional blends of herbs and spices.

The Krishan range includes a wide variety of scents, from floral and fruity scents to spicy and woody blends. Each incense stick offers a slow, even combustion and optimal diffusion of aromas.

The Krishan brand respects the ancestral tradition of manufacturing Indian incense sticks, while respecting the highest quality standards. Krishan incenses are certified without toxic substances or chemical additives, for a healthy and pleasant user experience.

Experience exotic scents and now treat yourself to an unforgettable olfactory journey with Krishan incense!

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Incense sticks
Krishan - Encens naturel indien
Natural Indian Incense "Tiger Balm" from the famous Indian brand Krishan Set of 5 hexagonal boxes, i.e. about 100 sticks of 23cm. Dimension of a case: 25 x 3cm. World-famous as a body cream, Tiger Balm is used to relieve muscle aches and headaches. Its very characteristic smell leaves a strong but very pleasant scent. Inspired by this ancestral remedy,...
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