Father's Day Gift Ideas

Practical and decorative: the hand-carved wooden duck decoration wine bottle display Dimensions: Length: 30 x height 25 x width 15cm approximately. Material: bamboo and exotic wood from regulated supply chains. Handcrafted wood carving from fair trade. This bottle display is suitable for all shapes of wine bottles, and most bottles of spirits. It will...
Totems & Trophies

Immunity Totem "Koh Phi Phi" in Wood 30cm

4,9/5 out of 14 total ratings
Ethnic Wooden Totem Dimensions: 23 x 22 x height about 30cm. Diameter of the base = about 23cm. Material: solid exotic wood from responsible sectors. A pretty totem hand-carved by one of our craftsmen that will bring an ethnic touch to your interior design. Artisanal manufacturing respectful of man and the environment, exclusively at Coco Papaya.
Incense holder for sticks and cones

Selenite Flower of Life Incense Holder - Disc ø10cm

Selenite Incense Holder Engraved Flower of Life Symbol Dimensions: diameter 10 x thickness 1.1 to 1.5 cm approximately. Weight: 200 to 260 grams approximately. Handcrafted creation imported in compliance with fair trade rules: slight differences in colour and appearance are possible compared to the model photographed. A selenite incense holder with...
Stones and natural minerals

Lithotherapy Stones Purification and Reloading Kit

4,7/5 out of 18 total ratings
The essential kit to purify and recharge your lithotherapy stones and jewelry Contents of the kit 1 reloading plate "Flower of life" in cork and printed paper glossy finish (diameter 10cm, thickness 3mm). 1 lot of rolled stones in natural rock crystal (Weight = 50g approximately. Quality AB) 1 fabric carrying pouch (random color) Other accessories...
Large african mask 50cm in height. Handcrafted of wood decorated with the "pipe smoker". Dimensions : 50 x 11 x 5cm approximately. Material : exotic wood (albizia) carved and hand painted. Attach this to the back for easy hanging the mask. This mask with the finishes will bring a touch of africa and a lot of the exotic to your decor. The pipe smoker is...
Scent burner

Burns Perfume "Arina" in bamboo and white ceramic

5/5 out of 3 total ratings
A practical and elegant fragrance burner Dimensions: height 12.5 x length 9 x width about 7cm. Material: White ceramics and bamboo. The "Arina" perfume burner has succeeded in making itself practical and easy to use, while sporting a modern look that makes it a real decorative object! All thanks to its elegant design, and the two noble materials that...
Totems & Trophies

Immunity Totem "Koh Samui" in Wood 30cm

4,7/5 out of 7 total ratings
Will your team win the immunity trophy? Dimensions: height 29 to 31cm x width 22cm x depth 7cm approximately. Material: exotic wood from responsible sectors, detail in sea rush braided on an arm. Patinated finish antique style. Artisanal creation: each piece is unique, so slight differences in appearance are possible compared to the photographed model....
Wall Masks

Tiki Mask 50cm in Carved Wood - Exotic Decoration

Villa Métisse
MASK05638 B
5/5 out of 1 total ratings
Hand carved and painted solid wood Tiki mask Dimensions: Height 50 x 14 x 6cm approximately. Handcrafted from albizia wood from sustainably managed forests. Attachment at the back. Tiki provides power, strength, and protection from danger. It has a talisman value: a tiki placed outside a house protects its inhabitants. Handcrafted creation imported in...
Various incense assortments

Mégapack "1 year Incense Top Quality". Assortment 18 fragrances / 360 sticks. Brand HEM.

HEM - Encens naturel indien
4,9/5 out of 10 total ratings
Mégapack incense natural indian of the legendary brand HEM. 18 perfumes varied, or a total of 360 incense sticks. This assortment giant priced canon, you can be a stock incense natural high quality for 1 full year, at the rate of 1 stick burned per day. Advantage : you can frequently vary the fragrances because this batch is composed of 18 different...
Musical Instruments

Bamboo Pan Flute - 7 tubes

FLUT04492 7U
Pan flute composed of an assemblage of 7 bamboo recorders Dimensions: length 16 x width 8 x thickness about 1cm Material: bamboo The Pan Flute is a wind musical instrument composed of a set of assembled sound pipes. It belongs to the group of aerophones, Introduce yourself to the pan flute with this handmade musical instrument by our exceptional...
Totems & Trophies

Totem "Koh Lanta" in Wood 30cm

4,9/5 out of 8 total ratings
Wooden immunity totem Dimensions: 25 x 12 x height 30cm approximately. Material: solid exotic wood from responsible sectors and sea rush. Do you have the soul of an adventurer ? Are you a fan of ethnic decoration ? This beautiful wooden totem pole is for you! It is indeed an authentic wood carving entirely handmade by our craftsman, in a very successful...
The real soap of Aleppo traditional. This soap is made by hand by a master soap of Aleppo, according to the ancestral method. It is 100% natural and plant certified Cosmos Natural by Ecocert, an independent organization. It is therefore guaranteed without coloring, without preservatives, without artificial additives. It is enriched with 4% oil of bay...
Totems & Trophies

Ethnic Totem "Kho Chang" in Wood 30cm

4,7/5 out of 11 total ratings
Who will win the immunity totem? Dimensions: 23 x 22 x height 32cm approximately. Diameter of the base = about 23cm. Material: solid exotic wood from responsible sectors and sea rush. Relive the full intensity of your favorite reality show with this life-better-than-life immunity totem : a stunning handcrafted wooden sculpture that seems to come straight...
Totems & Trophies

Tiki Ku Polynesian in Suar wood 20cm

TIKI02698 A1
5/5 out of 1 total ratings
Handcrafted carved solid wood tiki in Indonesia Dimensions: 21 x 7.5 x 7.5cm approximately. Material: exotic wood (Suar) from forests planted and managed by an environmental protection organization. Artisanal creation: slight differences in appearance are possible compared to the model photographed. This authentic Tiki totem,a work carved from a single...
4,6/5 out of 21 total ratings
Necklace with pendant "heavenly eye" Obsidian natural. Obsidian is a semi-precious stone which are granted mystical powers : it would act as a shield against all forms of negative energies, and reputed to keep away the evil eye. It is also a stone of insight that helps to awaken our spirituality, and enlightens our intellect. Here we have a pendant...
Totems & Trophies

Totem "Koh Panak" in Wood 30cm

5/5 out of 5 total ratings
Ethnic Trophy Dimensions: 24 x 21 x height 32cm approximately. Diameter of the base = about 24cm. Material: solid exotic wood from responsible sectors. Whether you are a fan of Koh Lanta or a lover of ethnic decoration, this superb wooden totem pole is for you! It is indeed an authentic wood carving entirely handmade by one of our exceptional craftsmen....
4,5/5 out of 2 total ratings
Rain stick 40cm in bamboo with hand-painted animal decoration Dimensions: length 40cm, diameter 5cm approximately. The hand-painted decoration may vary from the photographed model (colors, patterns, and animal represented which can be a gecko or a turtle). Materials: bamboo and rattan. Can be hung on the wall thanks to the provided fastener. Not suitable...
Totems & Trophies

Immunity Totem "Koh Wua Ta Lap" wooden 30cm

5/5 out of 1 total ratings
Win the immunity test and this totem will be yours! Dimensions: height 30 to 32cm x width 22 x depth 7cm approximately. Material: exotic wood from responsible sectors. Patinated finish antique style. Artisanal creation: each piece is unique, so slight differences in appearance are possible compared to the photographed model. The immunity test is...
Massage accessories & Reflexology

Socks Hydration & Reflexology. Gift idea of Well-being.

4/5 out of 6 total ratings
Pair of socks, "Spa & Reflexology" 2 in 1 : massage and hydration of your feet. Inspired by the traditional chinese medicine, the socks "Spa & Reflexology" to help you take care of your feet while contributing to your well-being. - Intense hydration : each sock contains a gel active moisturising enriched with jojoba oil, olive oil, lavender oil...
Key rings & handbag jewels

Key holder Turkish Eye - Talisman Lucky Charm

He will follow you everywhere to fight against the evil eye Dimensions: total length = 6 cm. Cabochon = diameter 2.7 cm. Material: anallergic silver metal Take it everywhere with you so that you always have your amulet against the evil eye! A solid and original key-door that you can also use as a bag jewel. Do you believe in the powers of the blue eye?
4/5 out of 5 total ratings
Necklace with double round pendant in Tiger's eye Pendant: diameter +/-1.4cm for the large ball and +/-6mm for the small one. Cord not adjustable, this collar goes through the head (length 70cm). Nice necklace composed of a braided cord and a pendant consisting of 2 tiger eye balls. This necklace is mixed: it is suitable for men and women. A timeless...
Musical Instruments

Rain stick 50cm bamboo decor turtle hand painted

4,3/5 out of 3 total ratings
Rain stick 50cm natural bamboo with pattern turtle and decor how pointillism hand painted. Dimensions : length 50cm, diameter 5.5 cm, approximately. Materials : bamboo and rattan, finish satin varnish. Home cotton Musical Instrument manufactured in an artisanal way in the framework of the trade fair. The decor and the motif turtle hand painted may vary...
Beauty boxes and travel kits

Discovery Kit 4 oils, ayurvedic massage, Holy Lama.

Holy Lama
5/5 out of 1 total ratings
4 massage oils ayurvedic to discover and take anywhere ! This kit discovery in the travel-size brand indian Holy Lama contains : 1 bottle 30ml oil massage "Relaxation" rosemary, basil and eucalyptus. This bottle will provide about 5 to 7 massages. 1 bottle 30ml oil massage "Everfresh" the petitgrain bigarade orange, orange and patchouli. This bottle will...
Animal statues

Statue Giraffe H60cm wood, home decor african.

4,5/5 out of 2 total ratings
Large wooden statue depicting a giraffe standing. Dimensions : Height 60 x 13 x 8cm approximately. Material : exotic wood (albizia) from the planted forests. The tasks of the giraffe are obtained by burning the wood with a blow torch. Atmosphere of the african savannah to the home with this statue Giraffe 60cm in height ! This beautiful object decoration...

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