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Donut (or disk Pi chinese) in Angélite natural with 1 cord available. Diameter of the donut = 30mm. Natural stone : some of the details of the aspect of the stone may vary slightly from the model photographed. Cord length = 100cm approximately. Material : cotton waxed cord. The disk Pi chinese, also called a Donut because of its resemblance to the pastry...

Natural Angelite bracelet - 6mm balls

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A lovely Angelite bracelet made of fine beads 6mm in diameter Length - 16.5cm (ideal for wrists of about 15 to 17.5cm). Pearl diameter - 6mm. Bracelet composed of about 27 grade A rolled stones (origin Peru). An eminently feminine stone, the Angelite (or Anhydrite) is distinguished by its beautiful pale blue color and its satiny appearance. Fans of...
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Padded Lithotherapie in Angélite natural (stone rolled away). Cord length = adjustable from 45 to 49cm (with the chain adjustment included). Material : cotton waxed cord. Clasp hook metal hypoallergenic, without nickel. Dimensions of the stone (excluding the bow) = 1.4 to 1.6 cm X 1.7 to 1.9 cm. Weight = 4 to 5g approximately. Bow = diameter of 4mm. This...
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Natural fine stone dying earrings and angel wing symbol Dimensions: Total length - about 6.5cm. Diameter of stone beads: 8mm. Material: anallergic silver metal (zinc alloy) and natural fine stones. Weight: about 29g. This pretty pair of earrings is perfectly decorated with one Angelite bead and another in Rock Crystal. These two natural fine stones are...

Angelite in Lithotherapy

Angelite or "angel stone" is a stone in the mineral family of anhydrites. It belongs to the group of evaporites and consists of natural calcium sulphate (CaSO4) as well as water-soluble mineral salts. It is mostly blue. The presence of other metals sometimes changes the hue of the metal, making it white, pink or purple.

The blue Angelite stone is the most sought-after in jewelry and by lovers of semi-precious stones.

Virtues and benefits of angelite.

Lithotherapy specialists appreciate the balancing virtues of the angelite stone : it helps us to harmonize our psychic and physical energies, while neutralizing negative waves.

Its peaceful energy widens the field of perception and allows for the elevation of consciousness. It helps to take a step back from a situation that is difficult to manage.

Prized by those who have set themselves a "slimming" goal, angelite is said to participate in the fight against water retention which can be the cause of weight gain.

From birth, the angelite stone is the ally of young mothers: it is said to promote the flow of milk and accelerate the establishment of breastfeeding, in complete harmony. By bringing calm and serenity to the young mother and infant, it calms maternal anxieties and reduces the risk of postnatal sadness (the famous "baby blues") at birth.

How do you purify and recharge angelite?

To purify your jewelry or stones rolled into Angelite, you can let them sit in a glass of distilled (or slightly salted) water for several hours. Then, wipe them thoroughly with a clean cloth. Angelite is also purified by contact with rock crystal.

Then, to recharge them with energy, expose them to sunlight for 2 to 3 hours.

Purify and recharge your stones regularly if you wear them or use them during meditation sessions (at least 1-2 times a month).

Angelite and Astrology.

Angelite is a stone that is particularly compatible with people born under the sign of Aquarius and Pisces.

The Angelite according to the Kundalini Yoga doctrine.

Angelite is usually attached to the fifth chakra (throat chakra ) to which all our faculties of communication and discernment are connected.

Disclaimer: The indications and properties indicated here are taken from user feedback and reference works in the field. Stones and lithotherapy in general are alternative energy therapies that can help you in everyday life, but their use should in no way be a substitute for medical advice or modern medicine.

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