What is the origin and meaning of the Wooden Wedding?

Five years of marriage represents a significant milestone for a couple, often referred to as the wedding anniversary. This period of five years of union marks an important turning point in the lives of the spouses. Let’s take stock of this highly symbolic celebration.

Traditionally, each wedding anniversary is associated with a subject

Once the sacred bonds of marriage are sealed, often for life, each anniversary of this memorable date becomes the occasion of a wedding, of a celebration, thus taking on a special meaning. The association between wedding bridal and specific materials dates back to ancient traditions.

The idea of assigning material symbols to each year of marriage comes particularly from medieval European culture. At the time, we associated each year of marriage with a metal or a material, a flower or a tree.

These materials gradually became stronger as the marriage matured. The first anniversary of this sacred union is marked by the cotton wedding, followed by the wheat wedding, wax wedding, and, after five years, the famous wooden wedding.

Discover the oldest couple in the world, united by 91 years of marriage, surrounded by 64 grandchildren, and still in love with each other.

Zacharie and Shama'a, born in Yemen, hold an exceptional record as a married couple for 91 years, married at ages 10 and 12. With 64 grandchildren, their love has endured hardships such as poverty and persecution.

Fleeing anti-Semitism in 1948, they were among the first Jews to settle in Israel. Their marriage, arranged in Jewish tradition, began when they were orphans, forging an unbreakable bond.

Despite difficult times, for example a few years living in a barn, their complicity strengthened their union.

Their advice for a lasting marriage: never take each other for granted and fight daily challenges together, because their unwavering love remains the magical secret to their longevity.

Traditionally, anniversary weddings are often symbolized by materials, so the longer the marriage lasts the more qualitative the wedding material becomes.

  Here Zacharie and Shama'a recently celebrated their 90th wedding anniversary: the Granite Wedding

Some Weddings are more celebrated than others

Some wedding nuptials are more frequently celebrated and marked with special festivities due to their particular symbolism

- 1 year of marriage: Cotton Wedding
The first anniversary is often celebrated with cotton gifts, symbolizing the fragility and flexibility of the budding marriage.

- 5 years of marriage: Wooden Wedding.

The wooden wedding marks a solid turning point in married life, symbolizing the solidity of the bonds established after five years.

- 10 years of marriage: Tin Wedding
Pewter represents flexibility and durability, reflecting the couple's ability to adapt and endure.

-25 years of marriage: Silver Wedding
The silver wedding anniversary marks a quarter of a century, symbolizing the purity and clarity of the marital bond.

-50 years of marriage: Golden Wedding
The golden wedding anniversary is an important milestone, symbolizing the wealth, preciousness and longevity of marriage

-60 years of marriage: Diamond Wedding
The Diamond Wedding celebrates 60 years of marriage, symbolizing the durability and unfading brilliance of love.

5 years of marriage symbolized by the Wood element

Wood is renowned for its strength and durability. The strength of marital bonds that have survived and strengthened through the trials and experiences shared by the couple.

It is a material capable of bending without breaking, spouses in a marriage must also demonstrate flexibility, adapting to changes and challenges while maintaining the integrity of their union.

How to make your wedding unforgettable?

To celebrate the fifth wedding anniversary, it is customary to give a gift made of wood or inspired by this material. There are many possibilities to mark this significant milestone.

Discover our selection of statues of loving couples

Discover the perfect gift to celebrate 5 years of marriage with Coco Papaya's flagship product for the occasion: sculptures representing an embracing couple in wood.

These works of art represent love elegantly. They are hand-carved by passionate artisans.

Wood symbolizes solidity and growth, making these statuettes an emotional gift to mark wooden weddings. The quality craftsmanship guarantees exceptional durability, and their design adapts to all interiors.

The entwined couple forming the symbol of infinity

A perfect gift idea to give to a couple, to celebrate your wooden wedding anniversary, or for the wedding of a close friend!

This statue depicts the passion and love between two beings. The two bodies merge in a loving embrace symbolized by the “infinity” sign. A lovely metaphor for love.

Available in other wood shades and other sizes.

5/5 out of 2 total ratings
Great statue (50cm in height) made of exotic wood depicting a couple entwined. A magnificent object decoration totally timeless ! Dimensions : Height 50cm x Width 15cm x depth 5.5 cm approx. Material : wood suar from forests that are managed by an organization for the protection of the environment. Natural finish (raw wood waxed). A perfect Gift to offer...
4,3/5 out of 3 total ratings
Statuette abstract wood depicting a couple in love. A magnificent object decoration totally timeless ! Dimensions : H 20 x L 8 x w 3.5 cm approx. Material : wood suar from forests that are managed by an organization for the protection of the environment. Gift idea perfect for a couple, on the occasion of a wedding, or for Valentine's day. This statue...

The couple merging into a heart

This “Fusion” statuette brings to life the very essence of love, with the two bodies merging in loving embrace, symbolized by the shape of a heart.

This romantic representation emphasizes the importance of giving of oneself without reservation, thus creating a harmonious and powerful unity.

Available in other wood shades and other sizes.

The Infinitely In Love Couple

This “Infinite Love” statue evokes deep passion and the total gift of oneself for the benefit of the unity of the couple. The graceful curves of the two bodies merging in a loving embrace.

At the heart of this creation, the infinite loop “8” embodies the indissoluble bond between two soul mates. This elegant shape symbolizes the infinity of love, a commitment that endures through time.

Available in other wood shades and other sizes.

Large abstract wood representing a couple in love. A magnificent object decoration totally timeless ! Dimensions : H 50 x W 16 x d 4.5 cm approx. Material : wood suar from forests that are managed by an organization for the protection of the environment. Finish hue of ebony. Gift idea perfect for a couple, on the occasion of a wedding, or for Valentine's...
Abstract Statue in wood representing a couple of dancers. A man and a woman entwined. A magnificent object decoration totally timeless ! Dimensions : H 30 x 12 x 4cm approximately. Gift idea perfect for a couple, on the occasion of a wedding anniversary for example. Trophy original to give to the winners of a dance contest in the living room. Beyond the...

The complicit dance of the loving couple

This abstract statue "Accomplices Dancers" not only represents a harmonious dance, but also offers a reflection on how you perceive your relationship as a couple.

Like perfectly synchronized dancers, the complicity that emanates from this work reflects the deep nature of your bonds. This statuette then becomes the visual reflection of the complicity that characterizes your relationship. It will become your daily reminder of your commitment to dancing through life hand in hand

Available in other wood shades and other sizes.

Discover our selection of wooden heart decorative objects

Explore our collection of decorative wooden heart-shaped objects, also perfect for celebrating wooden weddings. These artistic pieces gracefully embody love, painstakingly handcrafted by passionate artisans.

Wall friezes

Wall decoration heart driftwood 50cm

4,8/5 out of 8 total ratings
Heart driftwood for decoration bohemian chic Dimensions : height 50 x width 63 x 7 cm approximately This beautiful deco wooden wall float is entirely hand-made by one of our artisans in bali. The natural materials, as well as its raw color make it a perfect piece of decoration style, ethnic and bohemian. Beautify your home with the driftwood, carved...

Driftwood heart wall decoration

This magnificent driftwood wall decoration is entirely handmade by one of our Balinese artisans. The natural materials as well as its raw color make it a perfect decorative object in ethnic and bohemian style.

Its heart shape is the symbol of love: it is a pretty decoration to offer for Valentine's Day, for a wedding or simply to surprise your other half

The entwined hearts sculpture

Like a love letter that takes the form of a sculpture: these two hearts seem inseparable

This Statuette is entirely handcrafted, you choose to offer a meaningful gift, a timeless decorative object that will stand the test of time and forever symbolize the love for your other half.

Available in other wood shades and other sizes.

Love! Dimensions: height 20 x width 10.5cm x depth 3cm approximately. Material: exotic wood (suar) from forests managed by an environmental protection organization. Natural tinted wood, brown wax finish. A perfect gift idea for the wooden wedding, on the occasion of a wedding, or for Valentine's Day. This hand-carved statuette by one of our exceptional...
Jewelry boxes

Box Secrets-double heart wood.

5/5 out of 2 total ratings
Secret box in the shape of a double heart. Handcrafted in wood. Size = width 15cm x depth 6cm x height 8.5 cm approx. Material : wood Suar hand-carved (of wood from channels controlled). Handcrafted and fair. Each piece is hand-made, slight differences in appearance are possible compared to the model photographed. The secret box, or secret box, is a box...

The double-core secret box

Store there the most beautiful memories of your love story: sweet words, or small objects that evoke significant memories, like the key to your first apartment as a couple, or your child's birth bracelet...

This secret box is an original gift that you can have in common with your other half.

As practical as it is aesthetic, this box can also serve as a showcase for your most important jewelry

The driftwood heart mirror

Whether you install it in the bedroom, living room or hallway, it will bring a romantic and chic touch to your decoration.

driftwood is sculpted naturally by water and time, reflecting your 5 years of marriage with the wooden wedding and its symbolism

5/5 out of 1 total ratings
Accessorize your romantic décor with this driftwood mirror! Dimensions: height 35 x width 45 x thickness about 3cm. Materials: driftwood and glass. Metal attachment included, back. This beautiful heart-shaped mirror is hand-assembled with pieces of driftwood. The raw wood and its natural color make it a perfect object of decoration of ethnic and bohemian...
5/5 out of 1 total ratings
Statue depicting a heart in exotic wooden hands Dimensions: height 30cm x width 12cm x depth 4cm about. Matter: exotic wood (suar) from forests managed by an environmental protection agency. Natural tinted wood, colorless wax finish. Tell him I love you with this elegant hand-carved wooden statue. Its raw wood finish will fit into all decorating styles....

The sculpture “Give me your heart”

Express your love with this carved wooden “Give me your heart” statue, an elegant and original statement

Give this statue to your other half and let it be the silent messenger of your words of love

Available in other wood shades and other sizes.

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