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A certified organic and vegan deodorant spray, specially formulated for men Guaranteed without aluminum salts, its formula based on 7 plants from organic farming brings you freshness and protection all day long. The perfume has been developed to meet the expectations of these gentlemen with fresh, woody and lemony, typically masculine notes. Application:...

Choose a certified organic deodorant

Discover our range of organic and vegan deodorants, antiperspirants with natural ingredients, good for the skin, good for the planet. Their formulation without harmful agents ensures you a reliable protection against humidity, odors and brings you freshness and protection all day long. Natural alum stone, plant active ingredients, the best of nature concentrated for optimal efficiency!

How to choose your deodorant?

In spray, ball, cream, solid, powder or stick, for dry or sensitive skin, woody, fruity, amber, tangy , purifying or moisturizing scent … the offer of organic deodorants is very wide today! Choose from hundreds of references available on the market! Choose with your eyes closed, it's safe for your health!

Are organic deodorants effective?

Unlike traditional deodorants, organic deodorants do not work by blocking perspiration but use the antibacterial properties of plants and essential oils to fight against perspiration odors. Organic deodorants directly fight the bacteria responsible for bad odors: zinc derivatives, lemon extracts, chlorophyll, cinnamon, eucalyptus or sage leaves. They also contain essential oils which reinforce their antibacterial action and pleasantly scent. In addition to respecting your skin, organic deodorants are also environmentally friendly as most of their packaging uses are biodegradable and they are not tested on animals.

Ingredients to avoid

Finding a deodorant that is free from undesirable substances for your health is often complicated. The formulation of conventional deodorants often contains propellants such as butane or propane, aluminum salts such as aluminum hydrochloride, irritating and potentially carcinogenic preservatives such as phenoxyethanol, allergens, certain parabens and silicones suspected of causing damage. 'be endocrine disruptors.

Choosing an organic deodorant means respecting your skin and the environment

An organic labeled deodorant is a good guarantee on the products used. The label prohibits most toxic substances. Organic deodorants regulate perspiration without preventing it, anti-perspirants prevent this natural process and do not respect the natural functioning of the body. Organic deos are also a guarantee of respect for the environment since they do not contain any harmful or polluting products, their packaging is generally biodegradable and the formulas are not tested on animals. Choosing an organic deodorant is also part of an ecological approach!

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