Golden Triangle

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Purification & Recharging Accessories
Infuse the energies of the Crystal Healing Stones into your drinking water Gem staff sold on its own, without decanter. Dimensions: total length 25cm x diameter 2.5cm approximately. Contents: about 100g of natural gemstones (amethyst, rose quartz, rock crystal, Brazilian origin) in a glass tube with cork stopper + explanatory leaflet in French, English,...
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Assortment of 3 rolled stones with complementary energies Batch weight: 40 to 50g approx. Stone size: 2x2cm / 2x3cm on average. This lot contains 3 beautiful 100% natural rolled stones (Brazilian origin) free-form stones of varying weight, size and appearance: 1 x Amethyst (A quality, "chevron" or opaque appearance): an anti-stress stone that soothes...
The Golden Triangle Length = about 18cm (ideal for wrists of 15 to 18cm maximum circumference: our 4mm pearl bracelets are recommended for small wrists). Diameter of the beads = 4mm. Grade A rolled stones (origin Brazil). Composition: about 45 natural stone beads (amethyst, pink quarter and rock crystal) strung on an elastic band. Not sure which stone to...
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Lithotherapy bracelet "Golden Triangle" in Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Rock Crystal 6mm Length: 19cm (suitable for wrists with a circumference of about 17 to 20cm). Pearl diameter: 6mm. Natural Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Rock Crystal beads, grade A, from Brazil. Slight differences in appearance are possible compared to the model photographed, testifying to...
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Gift idea for amateur Lithotherapie : "The golden Triangle", an assortment of 3 stones rolled additional. The lot weight : 35 to 40g approximately. Size of stones : 2.5 x 1.5 cm 3 x 2cm approximately.The stones that make up this assortment are stones rolled of free-form shapes, weight, sizes, and aspect variables. Each package contains 3 stones - rolled...
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Gift idea Lithotherapie : "The golden Triangle "XL", an assortment of 3 large stones rolled to the complementary energies. The lot weight : 75-85g. Size of stones : 3.5 x 2.5 cm on average.The stones that make up this assortment are large stones rolled of free-form shapes, weight, sizes, and aspect variables. Each package contains 3 stones - rolled 100%...
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Lithotherapy bracelet "Golden Triangle" in Rock Crystal, Amethyst and Rose Quartz 8mm Length approx. 19cm (suitable for wrists approx. 16.5 to 20cm). Elastic bracelet made of natural Rock Crystal, Amethyst and Rose Quartz beads of grade A, from Brazil. Each stone is meticulously selected for its purity and natural brilliance. This splendid bracelet,...

The Golden Triangle in lithotherapy

The Golden Triangle is the combination of three stones ensuring a positive flow of energy: amethyst, rose quartz and rock crystal. This combination promotes relaxation and relaxation. It exudes powerful positive energies in your home, creating a soothing atmosphere.

The effects of amethyst

A stone of serenity and spirituality, amethyst is renowned for relieving grief and relieving stress. It is particularly recommended for people who have just suffered a traumatic shock (loss of a loved one, separation ...).

It is also a stone recommended to stimulate concentration, meditation and creativity. By soothing our inner tensions, amethyst helps us fight against the problems of insomnia and hypertension.

The benefits of rose quartz

Stone of love and heart, it is recommended to soothe heartaches and heal emotional wounds. Rose quartz is also connected to the heart chakra.

It is also a stone of well-being and harmony that significantly soothes tensions, such as stress or anger, and facilitates our relationships with our surroundings and establishes a climate of serene trust. Its pretty pale pink dress contains surprising powers.

The virtues of rock crystal

This natural stone is essential in lithotherapy. It is probably the stone that is most often recommended to start in this field. Rock crystal is an excellent purifier that helps each person who has it to work on their own energy and transform it positively.

Alone, the rock crystal emits a powerful energy around its holder. Associated with amethyst and rose quartz, it amplifies the benefits of each of these stones.

How to benefit from the power of the Golden Triangle?

To enjoy the benefits of these three stones, you can wear them as jewelry or simply have rolled stones near you. Place these Golden Triangle stones in your purse or workspace and they will spread their virtues.

There is also a ritual according to which the Golden Triangle would be more effective when the stones are arranged in the form of a triangle. Why not give it a try?

Disclaimer: The indications and properties indicated here are taken from user feedback and reference books in the field. Stones and lithotherapy in general are alternative energy therapies that can help you on a daily basis, but their use should in no way replace medical advice or modern medicine.

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