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At the beginning of the 2000s, our parents, passionate about travel, dreamed of discovering Indonesia. Only one thing prevented them from making such a long trip: 17 hours of flight without being able to smoke!

It was in 2003 that they stubbed out their last cigarette, and finally left for Bali, without knowing that a few months later, a crazy adventure would begin!

Returning from a trip with a head full of memories, and above all a full suitcase, it became obvious: we wanted to turn this passion into a profession, and offer the possibility to everyone to have the wonders at home. that we hunt for in the 4 corners of the world.

The small family business was born! This is how we imported a first container (then 2, then 3, then...) and opened our first store (then 2, then 3, then...!!!).

Now retired, our parents still advise us on a daily basis. As for us, it is still the same passion that drives us and gives us ever more desire to develop our range of craft objects by discovering new artisans on both sides of the world, but also a range of products sourced from European suppliers who correspond to our ethical charter.

The adventure therefore began with the import of ethnic and bohemian decoration: this is the heart of our business. Our craftsmen, with whom we have established links, are true artists: we have been working with most of them since 2003! Sculpture on wood (suar, albisia, coconut, bamboo, etc.), on stone, ironwork (brass sculptures), basketry (rattan, seagrass, water hyacinth, etc.), Batik fabrics. .. craftsmanship offers such richness!

The olfactory atmosphere being, in our opinion, hand in hand with careful decoration, we have developed a range of room fragrances with exotic, woody, flowery, zen or tropical scents to transform your interior into a haven of peace: Indian incense, scented oils, sprays, candles, wax tablets, rattan stem diffusers, etc.

Then in the 2010s, we became interested in well-being, always in the spirit of world products, including a wide range of jewelry and lithotherapy stones and a range of cosmetic products. Because it's not all about having a well-decorated and good-smelling living space, it's also important to feel good about your body!

There you go, the presentations are made!

These few lines sum up this crazy gamble of launching a family business following a trip to the end of the world!

Since our first store in the city center of Boulogne-sur Mer (30° à l'Ombre) via other brands and other towns, we have traveled a very long road, often strewn with pitfalls, but above all full of unforgettable moments with family, friends, and with all the people who followed us, helped us and who work with us today.

We are no longer present in physical stores, Coco Papaya is only on the Internet. But today, we are very proud to ship thousands of packages in France, across Europe and around the world.

Because let’s face it: we’ve never needed to escape so much!

Ophélie & Aurélien

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