Classic incense cones

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Classic incense cones
ENCE02723 CH 7132
Experience the best of Premium Incense with Sagrada Madre's "7 Chakras" Handcrafted Incense Balls Contents: 7 handcrafted incense balls in their eco-friendly and recyclable packaging. Dimensions of each incense ball: diameter 3cm approximately. Burning time: about 8 to 10 minutes for each ball. The Quality Secrets of Premium Incense: Handcrafted and...
5/5 out of 1 total ratings
Subtle woody smell Set of 4 boxes each containing 10 cones + 1 support = about 40 sandalwood incense cones according to Goloka! Sandalwood: a woody, warm, sensual, even slightly animal smell. Its smell is just mesmerizing. Sandalwood has a particularly strong outfit, it is a fragrance that appeals to men a lot. Virtues: increases self-confidence,...
€7.20 €8.00
5/5 out of 2 total ratings
THE famous blue box! Set of 5 boxes of 12 cones = approx. 60 cones (+1 holder per box). Dimension of a case: 7 x 6 cm NAG CHAMPA by SATYA SAI BABA is the best-selling natural Indian incense in the world: Composed of a blend of 160 aromatic products (including the yellow flower of a Himalayan tree, Michelia Champaka, which gives it its characteristic...
€7.20 €8.00
5/5 out of 1 total ratings
A BEST OF! Set of 5 boxes of 12 cones = approx. 60 cones (+1 holder per box). Dimension of a case: 7 x 6 cm Find all the generosity of India in this very sweet, fruity and bewitching Indian incense : SATYA's SUPER HIT. This incense will give you an excellent compromise between a vanilla scent and the very sweet Nag Champa.  Incense filled with sweetness...
€6.30 €7.00
5/5 out of 3 total ratings
Satya's 2 Best Fragrances Contents: 2 boxes of 12 Nag Champa cones + 2 boxes of 12 SUPER HIT cones (about 48 cones in total) ! Not sure which incense to choose??? Look no further! We have prepared the ideal batch for you: Stuffed in India, rolled by hand, the incense of the great Satya is unmistakable. But beware of fakes! There are currently many copies...
3/5 out of 1 total ratings
Discovery Bouquet Set of 6 boxes = about 60 cones / Each box contains a metal holder to burn the cones. - Myrrh (10 cones): Myrrh is an aromatic gum-resin produced by the Myrrh Tree . To be discovered urgently! - Cinnamon (10 cones): happiness and prosperity in the home. Develops creativity. - Frankincense (10 cones): This thousand-year-old...
€7.65 €8.50
5/5 out of 3 total ratings
Bouquet 6 scents Set of 6 boxes = approx. 60 cones / Each box contains a metal holder for burning the cones The cones have an even more natural smell than the sticks (no wooden stem) and are ideal for large spaces (rooms of 20m² and more) - Red Rose : fresh and floral scent. The smell of fresh-cut flowers - White Sage : rich, pleasant and clear...
5/5 out of 1 total ratings
Lot of 4 boxes each containing 10 cones - 40 incense cones at Patchouli according to Goloka! Patchouli is a tropical plant that gave its name to the fragrance that is extracted from it. It has a woody, earthy and dry smell with smoky accents. A rich and complex fragrance that has ensured its worldwide success. With this exceptional incense, the Goloka...
4,8/5 out of 4 total ratings
Economical Bundle! Set of 6 boxes each containing 10 cones + 1 stand = about 60 cones of incense from the famous Indian brand Goloka! This assortment will allow you to discover the 3 best perfumes of the brand: Nag Champa (2 boxes = 20 cones): the mythical recipe based on Champaka flowers, with delicate spicy and sweet notes. An ideal must-have for...
Various incense assortments
€6.75 €7.50
5/5 out of 3 total ratings
The best of the HEM brand in "cone" format: Set of 5 boxes = about 50 cones / Each box contains 10 cones + a metal stand to burn them. - Opium (1 box of 10 cones): A typical and mysterious perfume, which is one of the great classics of Indian incense. - Dragons Blood (1 box of 10 cones): Dragon's blood, a powerful and spicy incense that has made the HEM...
4,6/5 out of 9 total ratings
Bouquet 10 HEM scents Set of 10 boxes = about 100 cones / Each box also contains a metal support to burn the cones. - Precious patchouli (10 cones): made from rigorously selected patchoulis, this powerful incense, both woody, smoked and floral, is also a famous aphrodisiac. - Precious amber (10 cones): the sweetness of vanilla associated with a varied...
Incense cones
ENCE02383- 5 precious
€6.75 €7.50
5/5 out of 6 total ratings
Incense Indian natural in the form of cones : bouquet of 5 scents that are different from the brand HEM. - "Patchouli precious" (10 cones) : developed on the basis of patchoulis rigorously selected, this incense is powerful, at once woody, smoky and floral, is also an aphrodisiac very popular. - "Jasmine precious" (10 cones) : the aromatic power of...
5/5 out of 1 total ratings
Economy Bundle Set of 4 boxes each containing 10 incense cones + a stand = about 40 cones of the sublime Goloka Nag Champa! The expression "Nag Champa" refers to an ancestral recipe for making incense in India. There are many versions, which have in common that they are made from sandalwood and flowers from Michelia Champaka (an Indian tree). This yellow...

Incense cones: pure and intense scents!

Here is our selection of natural incense cones. Here you will find all our "classic" incense cones as opposed to the "reflux" incense cones sometimes also called "backflow", which are pierced from below for use in incense fountains.

Classic incense cones do not produce the "smoke cascade" effect when used in an incense fountain. If you are looking for this type of incense cones, go to our category of"reflux incense cones".

But while not intended to create the spectacular visual effect of incense fountains,conventional cones are incense of excellent quality. Their main advantage is to produce a more powerful and purer fragrance than incense sticks:

  • Their conical shape promotes faster combustion. Therefore, incense cones give off thicker smoke than incense sticks. They therefore diffuse a more intense fragrance, ideal for large spaces (for rooms over 20m2 for example).
  • The absence of bamboo stems inside incense cones gives them a purer scent, as the scents of incense are not distorted by the burning smell of the bamboo rod.

We rigorously select our incense manufacturers to offer you the best quality available on the market. That's why all the incense cones you'll find in our shop are 100% natural, with no synthetic products added. They contain only plant-based ingredients such as aromatic resins, spices, essential oils, wood powder or flower petals. We offer brands world-renowned for the quality of their production, such as the inevitable Satya Nag Champa!

Take the time to enjoy a relaxing break by surrounding yourself with these wonderful scents! But never forget: incense should always be used in a well-ventilated area, and under the supervision of an adult.

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