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Explore the mesmerizing world of Hari Tea teas and herbal teas, where each brew tells a story of delicate flavors and subtle balance. Inspired by the yogic tradition, these unique blends, certified Organic and Vegan, offer an incomparable sensory experience. Choose Hari Tea to experience a taste adventure, a wellness break where each cup becomes a delicious ritual, awakening your senses and soothing your soul.

Hari Tea shares its passion for tea and herbal teas with the world

Hari Tea was founded by Tobias Richter in Germany. Tobias Richter is an entrepreneur with a passion for tea and spirituality. He established Hari Tea with the intention of sharing his passion for tea and promoting a holistic lifestyle focused on physical and mental well-being. The brand draws inspiration from yogic tradition and incorporates elements of wisdom and balance into its tea blends, creating a unique experience for tea lovers.

The Hari Tea Philosophy

The philosophy of the Hari Tea brand is based on the deep belief that enjoying a cup of tea or infusion can be much more than just a sensory experience. For Hari Tea, tea and herbal teas are a way to connect individuals with a thousand-year-old tradition, foster inner peace and awaken the senses.

Drawing inspiration from the yogic tradition, Hari Tea creates unique and balanced blends that are steeped in heritage and wisdom. Each variety of tea or herbal tea is designed to bring subtle balance and create a meditative space, inviting a rejuvenating break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Founded on deep expertise in herbalism, yoga, and natural ingredients, the brand is committed to offering innovative and holistic lifestyle products. Thus, Hari Tea's philosophy goes beyond simple tea tasting, seeking to enrich everyone's lives by promoting physical and mental well-being.

Global success based on quality and tradition

The success of the Hari Tea brand is based on several factors, including the exceptional quality of its products, the holistic philosophy focused on physical and mental well-being, the commitment to sustainability with Organic and Vegan certifications, the innovation in the creation of unique tea blends, the diversification of the product range, the community involvement and the committed personality of the founder, Tobias Richter.

All these elements have allowed Hari Tea to stand out in the tea and infusion markets, and to build customer loyalty in search of new consumer experiences.

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Hari Tea
Enjoy a sweet break with the Organic Buddha Box Contents: 11 sachets (6 herbal teas, 5 certified organic teas - 2 grams per sachet). Total box weight 22g Materials: compostable cotton tea filters wrapped in biodegradable film. Discover the Buddha Box and plunge into the world of herbal and spice infusions from the famous Hari Tea brand. With this box, try...
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