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Pretty case for jewelry with ethnic pattern External dimensions = width 7cm x depth 6cm x height about 5cm. Interior dimensions = width 5.5cm x depth 4.5cm x height about 4cm. Material: Hand painted mdf wood. Artisanal and fair trade manufacturing. This box is also very convenient for storing all kinds of small objects: rings and small jewelry, incense...
Jewelry boxes
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A pretty gift box in the spirit of Feng Shui Outdoor Dimensions - Length 9cm x width 8cm x height about 5cm. Indoor Dimensions - Length 6cm x width 6cm x height about 3.5cm. Matter: Hand-painted mdf wood. Craft and fair-trade. This white box with golden sparkles is very handy for storing all kinds of small objects: small jewelry and fashion accessories,or...
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The Yin Yang symbol for a Zen interior Dimensions: length 20 x width 7 x height about 6cm. Matter: Hand-painted MDF. A pretty rectangular box with Yin Yang double pattern to store your incense sticks, tea, jewelry, or the little secrets you want to hide;-) We particularly appreciate the black and white Yin Yang symbol that gives relief and charm to this...
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Incense box or tea, Buddha pattern wooden jewelry box Dimensions: length 32cm x width 7cm x height 6.5cm. Matter: exotic wood. Homemade. A long Zen-style box to store your incense sticks, tea, jewelry, or even your make-up and beauty accessories, ... We love the sobriety of this box: a color that will easily match whatever your style of decoration. The...
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Yin-Yang lamp: balance and natural elegance Dimensions: height 36 x width 30 x depth 15cm approximately. Materials: wooden base, metal structure, fabric lampshade covered with mother-of-pearl and bamboo pellets. Handcrafted: slight differences in appearance are possible compared to the model pictured. The Yin-Yang pattern symbolizes harmony and balance....
Candle holders, Lanterns and Photophores
PBGI01714 YY
Enhance your decoration with this pretty handmade candle holder Dimension: diameter 7.50cm x height about 10cm. Material: gilded metal. A nice candle holder ideal for creating a subdued atmosphere ! We love the wall projection of the Yin Yang symbol for a Zen atmosphere. The location is provided for a votive candle or dish warmer (not included).
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Add a touch of zenitude to your décor with the Yin Yang lampDimensions: height 44 x width 40 x depth 15cm approximately. Diameter of the Yin Yang circle: 40cm approximately. Materials: wooden base, hand-painted fabric lampshade, metal frame for electrical equipment not included (E27 compatible). Handcrafted creation imported in compliance with fair trade...
Feng Shui Inspiration: Yin Yang Pattern Table Lamp in Glass and Mirror Mosaic Dimensions: Height 34cm x Width 30cm x Depth 16cm approximately. Materials: Wooden base with foam pad, metal structure, white fabric lampshade, glass and mirror mosaic. Lamp equipped with a metal frame but sold without electrical equipment. We recommend class 1 electrical...
Incense holder for sticks and cones
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Wooden incense holder for cones and sticks, with built-in storage box, Yin Yang pattern in encrusted brass. Dimensions: length 30.5 x width 5.5 x height 6cm. Material: mango wood and brass. This well thought out incense holder has slots to burn incense cones and sticks as you please. Close the lid and your incense will spread by producing nice volutes of...
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Perfume or essential oils for car Dimensions: diameter 3 x depth 3.50cm / Matter: stainless steel / Content: 1 diffuser - 10 colorful skates - about 2.50cm. Broadcast by ventilation. Very easy to use, its commissioning is easy and fast! Choose the perfume or essential oil you want to spread in your vehicle. Pour 1 to 3 drops over the blotter. Place it in...
Incense holder for sticks and cones
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Support to incense to sticks - Yin Yang Symbol. Dimensions : diameter 9.5 cm x thickness 1.5 cm. Material : resin + sand, black and white. A door-incense is both practical, original and decorative ! Bring a touch of Feng Shui to your decor Never leave burning incense unattended.
Incense holder for sticks and cones
PENC01714 D
Steatite round incense holder engraved with Yin Yang symbol Dimensions: diameter 10cm x thickness about 1cm. Matter: soapstone / steatite Push your stick straight, turn it on, wait a few seconds and then blow the flame. Enjoy a moment of escape by choosing an exotic incense like coconut or ylang ylang. With this incense holder, you can burn 3 sticks at...
Incense holder for sticks and cones
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A door-incense and zen practice ! Dimensions : length 34 x width 5 x height 4cm. Materials : wood, MDF and glass mosaic A incense holders simple and effective to pick up easily the ash after burning a stick of incense. Pattern Yin Yang floral glass mosaic for the touches of decoration. Sold without a stick of incense.
Beautiful pin Yin Yang symbol Has hang wherever you want : backpack, T-shirt, jean jacket.... An integral part of chinese philosophy, the symbol Yin Yang is regarded as the representation of the dual nature of things as good and evil, light and darkness, the positive and the negative. The meaning and the symbol of the yin yang dates back to ancient...
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"Yin-Yang Balance" lithotherapy necklace in Black Agate and White Howlite Necklace composed of a black waxed cotton cord and a natural stone pendant. Pendant: Diameter 2.5cm, thickness 5mm approximately. Material: Natural Black Agate and White Howlite. Cord: Black waxed cotton (adjustable length from 45 to 49cm approximately, thanks to the included...
Key rings & handbag jewels
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Set of 2 metal key chains Dimensions: total length = 8.5cm (each key fob). charm Yin or Yang = 3 x 1.5cm. Circle = diameter 3cm. Material: silver metal anallergic (nickel-free) and stainless steel. Live your love complementarity down to the smallest detail! Zen symbol of Asian origin, Yin and Yang are the 2 energies inseparable from everything that...
Storage boxes and baskets
Large craft box for Zen decoration Dimensions: 30 x 24 x 7.5cm. Matter: Hand-painted MDF. Ideal for finishing your Zen décor,this large wooden box will be handy for storing your mail, jewellery, incense assortments or even your candles or remote controls. We particularly appreciate the black and white Yin Yang symbol that gives relief and charm to this...

The Meaning and Benefits of the Yin-Yang Symbol

Yin-Yang is an ancient symbol of Chinese origin that represents balance and harmony in all things. It has become famous all over the world for its simplicity and symbolic depth.

Origins of the symbol

Yin-Yang is an integral part of Chinese philosophy. This thinking focuses on the idea that, in the universe, everything is interconnected and that opposites are complementary.

Yin represents feminine, darkness, passivity, and earth, while Yang represents masculine, light, action, and sky. The two forces are considered to be constantly interacting, thus creating balance and harmony in the universe.

Meanings of Yin-Yang

Yin-Yang is a symbol with multiple meanings. It represents the idea that everything in life is continually changing and that nothing is ever completely good or completely bad. Yin and Yang are opposing forces that work together to create balance.

This can be compared to day and night, or summer and winter, where each season has its own advantages and disadvantages, but together they create a consistent and balanced cycle. Just like the moon and the sun, for all their differences, Yin and Yang are inseparable and complementary.

Objects bearing the image of the symbol

Our Yin-Yang Symbol product category consists of a variety of items such as jewelry, accessories, and home décor. Each of them is designed to convey the power and spiritual meaning of the symbol.

By wearing or using these products, you can leverage the spiritual meaning of this symbol to improve your life. For example, some may choose to wear a piece of jewelry adorned with the Yin-Yang symbol to find a balance between professional and personal life, between relationships and moments of solitude, etc. It is a powerful symbol that can be used for meditation.

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