I do not tell you, the health crisis we are facing, has led thousands of people around the world to work from home.

Teleworking is on the rise! You spend a lot of time in the professional space you have created for yourself at home, but have you thought about improving it to make it more comfortable, or to increase your productivity?

Teleworking: a fundamental trend in most professional environments

Teleworking is part of a process to improve the organization of work and relies on communication tools. This is work done outside the employer's premises, on a regular and voluntary basis.

  • In France, in December 2020, 31% of employees were teleworking for at least one day a week.
  • The 2021 annual telework barometer shows mixed opinions about teleworking, but the majority of teleworkers remain satisfied. From a score of 8/10 in November 2019, satisfaction falls to 6.9/10 in April 2020 to return to 7.2/10 in December 2020.
  • 56% of managers highlight the difficulty of managing teams remotely.
  • The "services" and "banking/insurance" sectors had the largest share of teleworking employees (62%). 23% of employees in the health sector, 19% in the retail sector and 17% in industry were teleworking
  • The Nordic countries are the champions of teleworking, while some southern and eastern countries are more timid.

After much research, here are the important points on which I stopped. The advantages and disadvantages of teleworking in general.

The main advantages of teleworking 

  • -A reduction in overheads and expenses related to professional activity for the teleworker (less travel, meals taken at home ...)
  • The elimination of transport times, which leads to an improvement in productivity.
  • A gain in autonomy and responsibility, because the teleworker organizes his own schedule.
  • A better balance between professional and private life (household and parental tasks, practice of sport at home ...).
  • A reduction in absenteeism and delays, which is especially noticeable in large cities (more prone to traffic jams and other traffic difficulties). So, for the employee, a reduction in stress related to the home-to-work journey.

The main disadvantages of teleworking

  • Concentration and productivity can be reduced if the employee is not in an environment suitable for the work activity.
  • Social relations are restricted within the company, and internal communication problems may arise.
  • Team cohesion is more difficult to stimulate and maintain.
  • As a result, some employees do not appreciate teleworking because they are not able to fulfill their role as effectively as they did in the workplace.

To only benefit from this new lifestyle, here are some tips and tricks!

1) Work at home is still work

It is important to keep a regular rhythm. Wake up at the usual time and prepare as if you were going to go to your workplace!

During the hours you dedicate to your professional activity, focus fully on what you do and do not let yourself be distracted by those around you. If you have a young child but no possibility to have him looked after, it will necessarily be more complicated! In this case, divide the responsibilities to each other with the other parent. Everyone will be able to work efficiently while the other takes care of the toddler! Be fair in this distribution otherwise, tensions will arise!

2) Take advantage of the time you don't spend on transport!

As we have seen, a major advantage of teleworking is the time saved by eliminating the home-to-work journey. To live well teleworking, it is very important to optimize this time by giving yourself moments dedicated to your well-being! Practice a sports activity for example. Walking, running, cycling... It doesn't matter as long as it frees your mind.

If sport is not your forte, take some time to relax, meditate, and refocus on yourself. A little introspection doesn't hurt before starting a day in front of the computer!

Every morning, you have a little more time before you start working! Take advantage of this moment of respite that is offered to you to prepare a good "healthy" breakfast to start this day!

3) A healthy space dedicated to work

A clean, neat and uncluttered space is a basic principle of teleworking. This will allow you to see more clearly and better understand this busy day that awaits you.

It is important to eliminate all bulky objects that take up unnecessary space on your workspace and paralyze your professional development. Make sure you are properly equipped (PC, phones, headphones, chargers, documents, supplies...) so you don't get overwhelmed by clutter.

To perfect this healthy space dedicated to work, a pleasant olfactory atmosphere is a real plus! Some essential oils or specially formulated home fragrances help with concentration and reduce stress, thus optimizing your working time.

A nugget that I highly recommend is the famous salt crystal lamp that purifies the air by diffusing negative ions! This lamp with a soft orange hue also has the ability to limit the electromagnetic radiation of our common devices (such as the smartphone or television in particular).

4) Efficient planning

Don't be fooled: teleworking will certainly require a little more organization and determination than usual. At home, no one will push you to work. And the temptation of TV, social networks, Netflix, or to tidy up will be great and recurrent! The separation between private and professional life is therefore essential for teleworking to rhyme with efficiency.

Remember to prepare " to do lists" to properly arrange the schedules of your day. Prioritize based on the importance and timing of each task. It's also worth creating videoconferencing meetings with your colleagues, and writing a daily end-of-day report to see your progress and measure your progress as a teleworker.

5) Avoid isolation and communicate with the outside world

Do not isolate yourself, on the contrary! Make this period of teleworking fun and rewarding by exchanging more with your colleagues! It is important that the team stays together and that everyone moves towards the same goal. Favor, as often as possible, phone and video calls rather than emails to maintain more direct contact with your colleagues.

During the break, take time for yourself and to do what you please. Call your loved ones, go out for some fresh air with a neighbor or your pet. During the lunch break, prepare a good meal accompanied by a hot drink to regain strength ...

If you can't stand loneliness and human contact is essential, we advise you to inquire about co-working spaces around you.

Reduce your stress, sharpen your productivity, develop your creativity, channel your concentration... All this is up to you, and you are perfectly capable of it!

Health crisis, teleworking: let's remain optimistic!

To conclude this article, I would like to share a note of optimism about teleworking and the Covid-19 health crisis that has democratized the practice.

Teleworking did not wait for the coronavirus to exist. It is part of the customs and practiced for many years already. Admittedly, it requires us to adapt the way we work, but, as we have seen, it offers interesting prospects for reducing stress and better reconciling private and professional life. More and more people are now exclusively looking for job offers from home !

On the subject of the pandemic that has been undermining us for many months, here too I will deliver a message of hope. Let's not forget that this phase is temporary and that, soon, the sunny days will return! Once this trial is behind us, we will feel even stronger than before, and look to the future with serenity.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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