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Accessories for tea and infusions
Reusable Organic Cotton Tea Filters: Your Eco-Friendly Solution for the Perfect Brew Dimension: 9cm x 9cm. Contents: 5 sachets. Material: organic textile (certificate issued by Ecocert) made in India with organically grown cotton and with ecological textile treatments. 100% organic cotton. These cotton bags are a perfect alternative to disposable bags to...

The Art of Infusion: Explore our Range of Filters and Tea Balls at Coco Papaya

At Coco Papaya, we believe that tea making is an art form, a ritual that awakens the senses and evokes a sense of well-being.

Our carefully selected filters and tea balls are designed to enrich this experience by allowing you to prepare and enjoy your favourite tea in a convenient and elegant way.

Filters and Tea Balls: The Secret to Perfect Preparation

Filters and tea balls are essential accessories for the preparation of quality beverages.

At Coco Papaya, we have chosen accessories designed to simplify your experience while preserving the flavor and aroma of your favorite teas and infusions. Whether you prefer the practicality of filters or the timeless charm of tea balls, our range caters to all the needs of tea lovers.

Innovative Filters Combining Practicality and Flavor Preservation

Our innovative tea filters are designed to simplify the preparation of your infusions while preserving the quality of the ingredients in your premium tea. As with all the ranges in our online store, respect for the environment is at the top of our concerns, as evidenced by our reusable filters made of 100% organic cotton.

Our tea filters are designed to fit a wide range of cups, mugs and teapots, allowing you to prepare your favourite drink with ease.

Our Tea Balls: Timeless Elegance and Tradition

Tea balls are must-have accessories for any tea lover. They evoke tradition and elegance. Coco Papaya offers you a selection of tea balls designed to brew your loose leaf tea leaves with ease and style. Whether you opt for a classic model or a tea ball with a modern design, each one is a model of quality and durability.

Explore our full range of filters and tea balls and discover how each accessory can enhance your brewing ritual. Whether you're a novice tea lover or an experienced connoisseur, we have the perfect tools to elevate your experience!

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