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Energy Roll-On for Essential Oils
ROLL01483 ZZM006
Create your own crystal elixirs with this energetic Aventurine Roll-on Dimensions: height 8.5 x diameter 2cm. Glass bottle, Aventurine ball, screw cap. Capacity: 10ml. Contains 10 to 15g of natural green Aventurine stones. Easy-to-open bottle for filling, cleaning and purifying the stones. Combining the benefits of lithotherapy and aromatherapy This...
Trees of Happiness in natural stones
TREE01723 AV
Tree of Happiness in Green Aventurine: the symbolism of the Tree of Life and the virtues of Lithotherapy stones Dimensions: height 20cm x diameter 15cm x base diameter 5.5cm approximately. Material: gilded metal, natural gemstone (green aventurine, about 175 stones), and wooden base. Handcrafted with natural green aventurine gemstones, golden metallic...
BCOR07529 Av
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The perfect combination of two light materials Total length: 4.50cm / Hexagonal tip: 2 x 0.50cm Materials: Natural Aventurine and Silver Metal We love the timeless and elegant style of this pretty pair of Aventurine earrings. These earrings will seduce lovers of semi-precious stones. They reveal the beauty of the Pastel Green color of Aventurine. Thin...
4,8/5 out of 5 total ratings
Natural green Aventurine bracelet - very thin 4mm pearls Length - 17cm (ideal for wrists 15 to 18cm in circumference). Pearl diameter - 4mm. Ab grade rolled stones (Brazil). A must for all lovers of stone jewelry, this bracelet consists of about 38 pearl balls in 100% natural green aventurine. Convenient, this elastic bracelet fits most wrists. Our...
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Nice balance bracelet in Aventurine Length - 18cm (ideal for wrists of about 16 to 19.5cm). Pearl diameter - 8mm. Silver metal tree of life: 17 x 21 mm. Elastic, it fits its waist to that of your wrist! It can therefore be worn by most people regardless of morphology. Rolled stones of good quality: without asperity, of great hardness. A stone of sweetness...
4,3/5 out of 3 total ratings
Chain - "cat" pendant in silver metal and natural aventurine Dimensions and materials: chain total length 50cm - anallergic and nickel-free silver metal / 4.53-height pendant (9mm) x width 2.70cm - anallergic silver metal without nickel and natural onyx stone. Nice cat-shaped pendant adorned with a sublime aventurine stone. A stone of sweetness and...
"My Guardian Angel" necklace with natural Green Aventurine pendant Necklace consisting of a chain and a pendant. Nickel-free hypoallergenic silver metal chain: length 50cm. Pendant in nickel-free hypoallergenic silver metal and natural green aventurine: dimensions 3.8 x 2.8 cm approx. (excluding bail). Bail 4mm approx. Slight differences in appearance...
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Necklace with Green Aventurine pendant and silver Tree of Life pattern This necklace consists of a silver hypoallergenic metal chain and a "drop" pendant in natural green aventurine with a tree of life motif in silver metallic wire. Chain length: 50cm Pendant dimensions: 3 x 2.5 cm (excluding bail). Bail 10 x 7 mm. Fall in love with this...
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Dangling earrings in natural gemstones and clover symbol Dimensions: Total length = approximately 6.5cm. Diameter of stone beads: 8mm. Material: hypoallergenic silver metal (zinc alloy) and natural gemstones. Weight: about 29g. This pretty pair of earrings is made of two natural stones: green aventurine and kambamba jasper. These two natural fine stones...
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Studs earrings in green Aventurine natural Dimensions : diameter 6mm approx. Materials : polished natural stone / Rod and a clasp in metal-allergic This pretty little pair of earrings is a classic : timeless, understated and elegant, the nail is part of the must-haves to have in her jewelry box ! The green aventurine takes its name from the glass...
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Donut (or disk Pi chinese) in green Aventurine natural with 1 cord available. Diameter of the donut = 30mm. Natural stone : some of the details of the aspect of the stone may vary slightly from the photographed models. Cord length = 100cm approximately. Material : cotton waxed cord. The disk Pi chinese, also called a Donut because of its resemblance to...
BRAC02603 Av
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Baroque bracelet in green aventurine: promote harmony and abundance around you Length approx. 18cm (ideal for wrists from 16 to 19cm approximately). Pearl size = 6 to 10mm approximately. Natural green aventurine grade A, from Brazil. Each bracelet is unique because it is made of natural gemstones. Some differences in appearance are therefore possible...
4,3/5 out of 3 total ratings
Earrings in Green Aventurine with hook silver-plated. Length = 4cm (excluding clasp) = 5cm (clasp included). Balls diameter of 0.50 cm, 0.70 cm and 1cm. Lovely pair of earrings with balls directly carved from Green Aventurine, stone charged with positive energy. It promotes the well-being, inner peace and creativity. On the physical plane, it is...
€6.50 €13.00
Charm Bracelet "Wisdom," adorned with 7 beads green aventurine natural + gift bag available. This bracelet is adjustable thanks to a clever system of linkages sliding ! Therefore, it can be worn by any person, adult or child, regardless of its morphology. Link cotton. Diameter adjustable up to 10cm approximately. Diameter of beads = 6mm. The aventurines...
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108 Green Aventurine Beaded Mala Bracelet with Buddha Head Guru Bead Total length approx. 70cm (suitable for wrists approx. 15 to 19cm). Made with 108 natural green aventurine beads of 6mm, 3 intercalated beads of natural green aventurine of 8mm, and a guru bead in the shape of a Buddha head. Spacer beads and Buddha head made of hypoallergenic...
Stones and natural minerals
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Special Lithotherapy: tumbled stones in natural green aventurine from Brazil. Total weight of the batch: 40 to 50g. Stone dimensions: 3 x 2cm on average (variable) This set is composed of 4 to 5 tumbled stones in natural Green Aventurine (quality A, from Brazil), for a total weight of 40 to 50g. The photo is offered here for information only: as...
4,8/5 out of 5 total ratings
Lithotherapy bracelet "The Way of Wisdom" in Green Aventurine - 6mm beads Elastic bracelet of 18cm in length, ideal for wrists of about 16 to 19.5cm. 6mm diameter beads (AAA quality natural green aventurine - Brazilian origin) Slight differences in appearance or colour are possible compared to the model photographed, testifying to the authenticity...
4,5/5 out of 2 total ratings
Natural Aventurine Bracelet - AAA Quality (Tumbled Stones) Length 18cm (ideal for wrists from 16 to 19.5cm approximately). Bead diameter 8 to 10mm (approx. 20 beads). AAA grade aventurine, from Brazil. Hand-polished natural stone bracelet: slight differences in appearance and color are possible compared to the model photographed, each bracelet is...
4,3/5 out of 4 total ratings
Lithotherapy necklace with tumbled stone pendant in natural Aventurine Cord length: adjustable from 45 to 49cm (with the included adjustment chain). Material: waxed cotton. Lobster clasp in nickel-free hypoallergenic metal. Tumbled stone pendant in natural Aventurine of AAA quality, from Brazil. Dimensions of the stone (excluding bail): 1.6 to 1.9cm x...
Dowing pendulums - Esotericism
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Green aventurin dowsing pendulum Pendulum length 2.5cm / diameter 1.5cm. Chain length 18.5cm. Total length pendulum + chain 21cm. The green aventurine pendulum is suitable for all types of work (dowsing, feng-shui). It is recommended for novices,but can also be used by experienced people. Stone of harmony and protection, charged with positive energy,...
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Earrings in Green Aventurine with hook silver-plated. Length = 2,50 cm (excluding clasp) = 4,50 cm (clasp included). Balls diameter 0.50 and 1 cm. Lovely pair of earrings with 2 balls directly carved from Green Aventurine, stone charged with positive energy. It promotes the well-being, inner peace and creativity. On the physical plane, it is recommended...

Aventurine in Lithotherapy

There are several varieties of aventurine in different colors, the most famous and widespread of which is green aventurine. Green aventurine takes its name from Murano aventurine glass, because of its resemblance to it, but also because, like it, it was discovered by chance.

Specialists consider it an ideal stone to start in lithotherapy because its energy is gentle and accessible to all.

Virtues and benefits of aventurine stone.

Reference works in the field of lithotherapy describe green aventurine as a stone charged with positive energy, which promotes well-being and inner peace. It would stimulate our capacity for introspection, sharpen our patience and perseverance, and guide us in a process of personal development. It is therefore a stone that helps us to gain more wisdom as we go through our lives.

Aventurine is also a particularly effective purification and healing stone when consumed in the form of an elixir (for urinary, liver or heart problems), applied in massage (for skin problems), or in the form of soaked compresses (for eye irritations).

How do you purify and recharge aventurine?

To purify your aventurine stones or jewelry, simply immerse them for a few hours in water (ideally demineralized), then wipe them with a clean cloth.

Then, to recharge them with energy, expose them to sunlight for 2 to 3 hours. Aventurine can also be recharged when placed on a rock crystal or amethyst cluster.

Purify and refill your aventurines about 3-4 times a year, or if you've left them in a drawer away from light for a long time.

Aventurine and astrology.

Green aventurine will be suitable for those born under the sign of Taurus; the red aventurine, with Cancers and Sagittarius, and the yellow one, with Leos.

Aventurine according to the Kundalini Yoga doctrine.

Aventurine acts mainly on the 4th chakra (known as the "heart"), for its green variety; on the first chakra for the red aventurine, and on the 3rd chakra for the yellow.


Disclaimer: The indications and properties indicated here are taken from user feedback and reference works in the field. Stones and lithotherapy in general are alternative energy therapies that can help you in everyday life, but their use should in no way be a substitute for medical advice or modern medicine.

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