Natural massage oils

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Natural massage oils
For toned and firmed skin This preparation based ongrape seed oil is flavoured with pure and natural essential oils from Grapefruit, Geranium and Sclarée Sage. 2 possible uses: In bath oil: pour the desired amount into a hot bath. Grape seed oil nourishes and softens your skin. In massage oil: the virtues of essential oils add to the benefits of...
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"Bliss" : an ayurvedic oil massage 100% natural, enriched with essential oils. The ayurvedic oil massage of the Holy Lama "Bliss" has been formulated for individuals wishing to provide or receive a massage using oil is an entirely natural multiple benefits for the body, mind and spirit. You will particularly appreciate : its formulation is natural and...
Beauty boxes and travel kits
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4 massage oils ayurvedic to discover and take anywhere ! This kit discovery in the travel-size brand indian Holy Lama contains : 1 bottle 30ml oil massage "Relaxation" rosemary, basil and eucalyptus. This bottle will provide about 5 to 7 massages. 1 bottle 30ml oil massage "Everfresh" the petitgrain bigarade orange, orange and patchouli. This bottle will...
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An ayurvedic oil massage natural relaxing benefits. The ayurvedic oil massage of the Holy Lama "Relaxation" has been specially formulated to that each massage provides an intense feeling of muscle relaxation, mental, and spiritual. Facilitate the "letting go" and feel relaxed, peaceful : this is the promise of this oil massage of professional quality....
A massage oil ayurvedic natural revitalising. The ayurvedic oil massage of the Holy Lama "Revitalising" is enriched with essential oils selected for each of the massage to make the effect ofa "boost" conditioner on our body and our psyche : the immune system and the mind are stimulated, the epidermis is regenerated and offers the feel of a new skin. The...
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An ayurvedic oil massage that is ideal for a massage restorative. The ayurvedic oil massage of the Holy Lama's "Enhance" has been made to strengthen our mind and our body from external aggressions that they face on a daily basis. The mind is stimulated, the muscles relax, the skin is regenerated and protected. You will particularly appreciate : its...
An ayurvedic oil massage a natural for a pure moment of well-being. The ayurvedic oil massage of the Holy Lama "Everfresh" relaxes our body and our spirit to help us to have the ideas more clear. Thanks to its formulation based on vegetable oils selected, it broadcasts a wave refreshing on the body, while smoothing the skin's texture. You will enjoy :...

Making a relaxing and restorative massage is quite easy: 2 things are enough:

  •     A masseur or a masseuse: it's up to you to find that ! That's right, the best massages are provided by trained and qualified professionals. But, with a little good will, a novice is able to do a good job! Even if it is not executed with impeccable technique, the massage always offers a very appreciable moment of relaxation ! For couples, it's also a great way to awaken complicity and sensuality.
  •     You will also need a good massage oil : Coco Papaya can help you find it ! A professional grade massage oil must have two essential characteristics: good lubricity, and an exemplary composition. Let's see this in detail.

A good massage oil must lubricate the skin properly.

The lubrication of the skin makes it easier and more efficient for the masseur to work while making the massage more pleasant for the person being massaged. The arms and fingers of the masseur slide more easily on the skin, which allows better stretch of muscle fibers. In addition, the lubrication of the skin reduces fatigue of the masseur, who can massage longer.

A good massage oil must therefore offer good lubricity. But for the pleasure of the massage, it should not leave a greasy film on the skin because this is not hygienic, and would give an unpleasant feeling to the person who was massaged. The choice of vegetable oils that go into the composition of the massage oil is therefore essential! Coconut oil is ideal for lubrication. Sesame and sweet almond oils facilitate absorption and avoid the phenomenon of oily film.

The massage oil is absorbed by the skin : its composition must be healthy and natural!

This seems obvious, yet many massage oils sold in shops contain chemical derivatives (parabens, phthalates, sulphates ...) that are absorbed by the skin during massage. In the long run, this is not good for our health.

You are sensitive to the protection of the environment? Choose a massage oil without palm oil because the production of palm oil causes serious problems of deforestation.

Coco Papaya has therefore selected massage oils with an impeccable natural formulation for our health and that of the planet! And so that the massage is really benefactor, our massage oils are enriched in selected essential oils which diffuse delicate natural perfumes while offering their therapeutic virtues.

So it's up to you now! Test our natural massage oils and share your experience with other consumers by posting a review on our online store!

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