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9 Teas in 1! Try the 9 varieties of the fair trade brand Numi Tea with this 100% organic assortment This assortment of Numi Tea teas and infusions soberly named "Numi's Collection" invites you to taste the brand's 9 star recipes: White Rose Tea (2 bags) Turmeric Three Roots Turmeric Herbal Tea (2 sachets) "Amber Sun" herbal tea with turmeric (2 sachets)...
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An exceptional Advent calendar for tea and infusion lovers Contents: 24 tea bags (individually packaged in a compostable over-envelope that perfectly preserves the flavour of each infusion) Dimensions: Height 34 cm x Width 21.5 cm x Depth 1.5 cm / Total Weight: 200 g / Net Weight: 38.5g To wait until Christmas, taste and savour a delicious infusion or...
Treat yourself to a sensory journey with Moroccan organic mint tea Coco Papaya has selected for you the Numi Tea brand for its organic certification, its commitment to a fairer trade but also for the exceptional taste quality of its teas and infusions. Numi Tea offers us here the best expression of the famous Moroccan mint tea: a drink with a refreshing...
"Queen of Damascus" or the elegance of white tea flavored with rose petals, a delicate and surprising sensory journey Certified organic loose leaf tea - Packaging: recyclable paper bag and biodegradable inner protective film - Capacity: 50g. Made and packaged in France.Let yourself be carried away by this sweet and refined bouquet of Paï Mu Tan white tea...
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Discover the premium teas and infusions of the "Gold Tea?" brand with this box containing their 8 featured recipes! This "The Favor 8" tasting box consists of 8 varieties of certified organic teas and infusions,elegantly presented in a neatly designed box. This is the perfect opportunity to discover the delicious flavours of the premium brand 'Or Tea'!...
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Enjoy 20 premium teas and infusions from the "Gold Tea" brand. This special edition "Rainbow Box" box consists of 20 varieties of teas and infusions preciously arranged in a beautiful rainbow-colored setting! With this varied tasting box, offer a beautiful sensory experience to the person of your choice, unless you can't resist the temptation to keep it...
Enjoy a sweet break with the organic white tea "Neiges de Noël" flavored with fruits and spices Certified organic loose leaf tea - Packaging: recyclable paper bag and biodegradable inner protective film - Capacity: 50g. Made and packaged in France.Tea lovers, dare to make this spicy and sweet blend based on white tea. An exclusive recipe from the "Route...

Immerse yourself in the Pure Elegance of White Tea with Coco Papaya

Ancestral Origins: The Tradition of White Tea

White tea originates from China, where it has been cultivated for centuries in the majestic mountains of Fujian province. It is harvested by hand, usually in the spring, when the delicate young shoots are at their peak.

At Coco Papaya, we celebrate this centuries-old tradition by offering you a selection of exceptional White Teas, each carrying the authenticity and heritage of their region of origin.

Natural Virtues of White Tea: A Treasure for Health

White Tea is praised for its many health benefits. Being the least processed tea among all the varieties, it retains maximum natural antioxidants, which can help boost the immune system, protect the skin, and promote relaxation.

We highlight these unique virtues by offering you a careful selection of high-quality White Teas, chosen for their subtle aromas and health benefits.

Handcrafted Manufacturing: Preservation of Purity

Our White Teas are made with the greatest care to preserve the purity of the aromas. The leaves are simply dried, thus avoiding any significant oxidation.

In addition, we collaborate with passionate producers who respect the traditional methods of making White Tea, guaranteeing a delicate and authentic flavor. Most of our white teas are certified organic and labelled "fair trade" : two promises of quality to be favoured to be sure of tasting a premium white tea.

Our White Teas Collection: Elegance in Every Sip

Explore our exclusive selection of White Teas from China and other renowned regions.

Whether you prefer a White Tea with floral notes or a more full-bodied variety with fruity aromas, our collection will satisfy all palates. We invite you to discover the very essence of White Tea, to explore its subtle nuances and to let yourself be carried away by its refined elegance.

As a white tea drinker, perhaps you are also passionate about China, its historical cradle? So, continue the adventure with our selection of Chinese decorative objects !

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