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AquaSilice is a French brand of natural silicon-based cosmetic care .

AquaSilice: all the benefits of Silicon in 100% natural cosmetic care!

AquaSilice is a French brand of natural cosmetic care, formulated with silicon. It offers quality products with exemplary formulations for both health and the environment, at reasonable prices.

All AquaSilice products are made in France, thus limiting the carbon footprint of your favorite treatments. They are developed in compliance with European directives and comply with Good Manufacturing Practices. They are all formulated without paraben, PEG, propylene glycol, phenoxyethanol, synthetic dyes and nanoparticles.

What is Silicon?

Silicon is an essential trace element for the human body.

The presence of silicon in cosmetic care makes it possible to meet various expectations such as thinness, beauty, care and the fight against aging of the skin and hair.

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