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Red garnet from Brazil - Rolled stones 25/30g

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Rolled stones in natural red garnet (or pyrope) from Brazil Dimensions of the stones: 1.5 x 1.5cm on average. The stones that make up this lot are rolled stones of varying free shapes, weights, sizes and appearance. Each batch is composed of 1 to 2 beautiful stones in 100% natural red garnet (AAA grade, origin: Brazil), for a total weight between 25 and...
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A sublime bracelet composed of 10mm balls in red garnet (pyrope) of first quality! Length = 18cm (ideal for wrists from 16 to 19.5cm in circumference). Diameter of the beads = 10mm. Grade AAA rolled stones (origin Brazil). Composition: 18 pearls in natural red garnet (pyrope), strung on an elastic band. The dark hue and plum reflections of the red garnet...
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Crack for the brilliance of garnet - very thin beads 4mm Length - 17cm (ideal for wrists 15 to 18cm in circumference: our 4mm beaded bracelets are recommended for small wrists). Pearl diameter - 4mm. Grade A rolled stones (origin Madagascar). Composition: about 43 natural Labradorite beads strung on a rubber band. Pearl diameter - 4mm. You'll love the...
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Bracelet Lithotherapie Garnet Red brazil 100% natural, AAA quality. Length = 18cm (perfect for wrist from 16 to 19.5 cm). Weight = 27g approx. Diameter of beads = 8mm (24 beads approx). For this bracelet the top of the range, we have selected stone garnet red of Brazil, also known as Pyrope. It is the best quality available on the market (grade AAA). The...
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Padded Lithotherapie Garnet Red natural (stone rolled away). Cord length = adjustable from 45 to 49cm (with the chain adjustment included). Material : cotton waxed cord. Clasp hook metal hypoallergenic, without nickel. Dimensions of the stone (excluding the bow) = 1.8 cm x 1.5 cm. Weight = 4 to 5g approximately. Bow = diameter of 4mm. This is a pendant...
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Dangling earrings in natural gemstones and heart symbol Dimensions: Total length = approximately 6.5cm. Diameter of stone beads: 8mm. Material: hypoallergenic silver metal (zinc alloy) and natural gemstones. Weight: about 29g. This pretty pair of earrings is made of rose quartz and garnet. These two natural fine stones form a beautiful harmony of color...
Collection stones and minerals / Unique pieces.

Madagascar Grenat Sphere - 67mm / 560g - Unique Piece

Polished Red Grenat Sphere: A Wonder of Madagascar Unique piece: by ordering this object, you receive precisely the model photographed. Each shot represents the same specimen, photographed from different angles. Dimensions: 67mm diameter; 560 grams. For lovers of mineralogy rarities! Madagascar's red garnet (also called Grenat Pyrope-Almandin) is a rare...

Garnet stone in Lithotherapy

Garnet belongs to the family of minerals of the group of crystallizing nesosilicates. There are many varieties of garnets, colors and sizes, the most well-known of which is the Red Garnet. The name "garnet" comes from the Latin "malum granatum" which means grain fruit. It could then be associated with pomegranate, whose grains have a similar bright color.

Widely used in jewellery for its aesthetic qualities, Garnet stone is also intriguing for its lithotherapy properties. It can be used to enhance pendants as well as rings and bracelets.

Garnet and its flamboyant red colour have fascinated mankind for centuries. This stone is said to help you regain self-confidence and bring many benefits to the body and mind.

Virtues and benefits of Garnet

Crystal therapists particularly value this gem for its special benefits: it is valued for its power to fight discouragement, depression, failure and emotional instability.

As an anchor stone, it brings joy, courage and confidence. In the same way, it helps fight fatigue and restores motivation.

Precious for its purifying and balancing action, this mineral is said to cleanse the blood, regulate blood pressure and stimulate blood circulation. It would therefore contribute to the good health of the heart.

How do you purify and recharge Garnet?

Garnet is compatible with all purification and refacing techniques. To purify your garnet jewelry or rolled stones, for example, you can immerse them for a few hours in water (ideally demineralized or slightly salty), then wipe them with a clean cloth.

To recharge them, expose them to sunlight for 2 to 3 hours.

Garnet can also recharge when placed on top of rock crystal or amethyst.

Garnet and Astrology

Red garnet is especially recommended for those born under the sign of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo and Scorpio.

Garnet & Chakras

The action of red garnet is mainly at the level of the 1st chakra, the root chakra.

If you feel the need to refocus your chakras, we have a special category dedicated to jewelry and objects adorned with the 7 chakras.

Disclaimer: The indications and properties indicated here are taken from user feedback and reference works in the field. Stones and lithotherapy in general are alternative energy therapies that can help you in everyday life, but their use should in no way be a substitute for medical advice or modern medicine.

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