Smoked quartz

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Lithotherapy Bracelet "Absolute Lucidity" in Smoky Quartz - 8mm Beads Unisex elastic bracelet, ideal for wrists with a circumference of 16 to 19.5 cm. Total length of 18 cm. Composed of about 22 natural smoky quartz beads of grade AAA (origin Madagascar). Pearl diameter of 8 mm. Slight differences in appearance or colour are possible compared to the...
Gain foresight with this beautiful smoky quartz bracelet on your wrist! Length = 18cm (ideal for wrists from 16 to 19.5cm in circumference). Composition: about 24 natural smoky quartz beads strung on an elastic band. Diameter of the beads = 5.5 to 6mm. Elastic, this bracelet adapts to the majority of wrists. This is the best quality stone available on the...
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Charm Bracelet "Lucidity," decorated with 7 pearls in smoky quartz natural + gift bag available. This bracelet is adjustable thanks to a clever system of linkages sliding ! Therefore, it can be worn by any person, adult or child, regardless of its morphology. Link cotton. Diameter adjustable up to 10cm approximately. Diameter of beads = 6mm. The beads in...
Stones and natural minerals
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Special Lithotherapy: Tumbled Stones in Natural Smoky Quartz from Brazil Batch weight: 40 to 50g. Dimensions of the stones: 4 x 3cm on average (variable). The stones that make up this lot are tumbled stones of free shapes, of varying weights, sizes and shades. Each set is composed of 2 to 3 natural Smoky Quartz stones (quality A, of Brazilian...

Smoked quartz in Lithotherapy

Smoked quartz is a crystal variety belonging to the quartz family. Also known as"Morion",smoked quartz is a rock crystal that has been naturally tinted in contact with other chemical elements, and as the Earth's crust changes. Nicknamed "Pierre de Lucidity" by Litotherapy practitioners, it helps us with every existential choice to find the most favorable path. There are several varieties of smoked quartz.

The Morion variety refers to a very dark black or brown smoked quartz.

The Scottish Cairngorm is rather yellow-brown. The quartz champagne recalls the color of the eponymous drink...

Virtues and benefits of smoked quartz

Smoked quartz is a stone that helps to refocus,it allows to think more clearly and stabilizes the mood.

It is therefore recommended for people who are undecided and have frequent mood changes. It also has the ability to build self-confidence. It is a stone that helps you feel more comfortable in your body and to assume yourself as you are. On the physical level, smoked quartz would help fight addictions of all kinds: tobacco, alcohol, drugs... It would also have a positive effect on the pancreas, kidneys and genitals. It is also frequently given an invigorating power for male fertility.

How to purify and recharge smoked quartz?

Smoked Quartz is compatible with all purification and recharging techniques.

To purify your jewelry or stones in smoked quartz, you can for example dip them for a few hours in water (ideally demineralized or slightly salted), then wipe them with a clean cloth. To recharge them with energy, expose them to sunlight for 2 to 3 hours. Smoked quartz can also recharge when placed on rock crystal or amethyst.

Smoked quartz and astrology

Smoked quartz is particularly suitable for natives of Libra, Scorpio and Capricorn.

Smoked quartz according to the Yoga Kundalini doctrine

The Chakra Racine corresponds to smoked Quartz, especially for its effects on fertility and self-confidence.

Disclaimer: The indications and properties shown here are derived from feedback from user experiences and reference books in the field. Stones and lithotherapy in general are alternative energy therapies that can help you on a daily basis, but their use should not be a substitute for medical advice or modern medicine.

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