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Stones and natural minerals
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A superb stone rolled in natural Malachite from the Congo Dimensions of the stones: 30/40g = 3.5 x 2cm on average. We offer here a rolled stone of malachite (Congo origin) 100% natural, sold individually. Each stone is delivered in a pretty satin gift pouch, to be able to take it everywhere with you, like an amulet; or also offer it to a loved one......
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The beauty of the Malachite Bracelet with very fine 4mm beads Length 16cm (ideal for small wrists with a maximum circumference of 13 to 17cm). Pearl diameter 4mm. Grade A tumbled stones, of Congo origin. This elegant Malachite bracelet is a crystal healing jewel that will connect you to the power of the Earth. It is made of carefully selected 4mm AAA...
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Natural Malachite Crystal Healing Bracelet from Congo "Earth Force" Length 18cm (ideal for wrists from 16 to 19.5cm approximately). Weight 27g approximately. Pearl diameter 8mm (24 beads approximately). Natural Malachite Grade AAA Beads from Congo. Slight differences in appearance or colour are possible compared to the model photographed, testifying to...
Stones and natural minerals
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Special Lithotherapy: Tumbled stone in natural Malachite from Congo Stone dimensions: 20/30g = 3 x 2cm on average. We offer you here a 100% natural malachite tumbled stone (Congo origin), sold individually. Each stone comes in a pretty satin gift bag , so you can take it with you everywhere, like an amulet; or also offer it to a loved one... The...
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Malachite Crystal Healing Bracelet "Earth Force" Length 18cm (ideal for wrists from 16 to 19.5cm approximately). Weight 20g approximately. Diameter of the beads approx. 6mm (29 beads approximately). AAA grade Malachite beads from Congo. Slight differences in appearance or colour are possible compared to the model photographed, testifying to the...

Malachite in Lithotherapy

Malachite is one of the favorite stones of lithotherapists. It comes from the alteration of copper, from which it inherited the healing virtues: anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, anti-bacterial, antiseptic but also revitalizing properties. Malachitis is commonly used in pain relief therapies.

Virtues and benefits of malachite stone.

Malachite is often called "healing stone" by lithotherapy specialists. Indeed, his energies would make it possible to reduce both physical and psychological pain.

It is advisable to affix malachite to the painful areas of the body to begin to perceive its effects and feel the pain weaken. This would be particularly effective for pain caused by hematomas and rheumatism, or felt in certain organs such as the stomach or intestines.

The protection of malachite on the psychic level makes it possible in particular to fight against nightmares and dark ideas.

Finally, on the emotional level, malachite helps us to understand the intentions of others with more lucidity, which allows us to avoid ill-intentioned people.

How to purify and recharge malachite stone?

Malachite is a particularly sensitive and fragile stone that must be handled, and therefore purified carefully. It can be purified in water (read the precautions below) or better, in incense smoke. As it is particularly absorbent, it quickly takes care of the energies of the people who handle it. This is why it needs to be purified and recharged more regularly than most other minerals. We therefore recommend purifying your malachite at least once a week.

Purification of malachite in water:

To purify your jewelry or stones rolled in malachite, you can for example immerse them for a few minutes in demineralized water (no tap water that is too mineralized!), then wipe them with a soft cloth.

Do not let malachite soak for too long in water because that would risk tarnishing it! Take good care to dry it completely after purification.

Purification of malachite by fumigation:

Another effective and recommended purification technique for malachite is fumigation: light an incense stick or a bouquet of white sage and purify the stone by passing it several times in the smoke. This method must be repeated more often than purification in water. But it has the advantage of not altering malachite, and therefore not changing its appearance over time.

After purifying it, to recharge the malachite with energy, expose it to sunlight for a few hours. Malachite can also recharge when placed on a cluster of rock crystal or amethyst.

These processes work equally well for jewelry as for rough or polished stones.

Malachite and astrology.

Malachite is especially recommended to natives of the signs of Capricorn, Scorpio, and Libra.

Malachite according to the Kundalini Yoga doctrine.

Malachitis acts particularly on the fourth chakra, called "heart chakra". It is the energy center of love and courage, and it plays an important role in the overall balance of our organism.


Disclaimer: The indications and properties shown here are drawn from feedback from user experiences and reference works in the field. Stones and lithotherapy in general are alternative energy therapies that can help you on a daily basis, but their use should in no way be a substitute for medical advice or modern medicine.

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