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Let's change the world by drinking tea with Numi Tea!

The Coco Papaya crew did not hesitate for long before selecting the Indian brand Numi Tea for you ...

Let's find out why.

We first tasted some of their tea and infusion recipes and unanimously recognized the "well above the rest" quality of their beverages.

Numi Tea is one of the few producers to work from the whole tea leaf , where others use it already crushed, for economic and logistical reasons. This difference is immediately felt in the breadth and strength of the aromas of Numi tea.

Their slogan "the purest tea in the world" may be a bit of an exaggeration, but not that much if you study the question after tasting!

Note also that Numi Tea does not strictly use any flavoring to flavor its teas. Only real fruits, flowers, herbs that grew naturally.

After this very pleasant tasting session, what finally convinced us was the ethical commitment of Numi Tea. Hold on tight:

  • All Numi Tea recipes are certified organic and non-GMO
  • The Numi Tea brand is certified fair and donates 1% of its profits to associations defending social and environmental causes.
  • Numi Tea finances the NGO "Together for Hope" to provide access to drinking water to all its farming partners in developing countries.
  • Numi Tea packaging received the "2Wrap" trophy awarded by the State of California, in recognition of its revolutionary packaging from an environmental point of view.
  • Each Numi Tea tea bag is 100% biodegradable and compostable. No bags with a "silky" touch in nylon or polluting polyester. Only premium quality filter paper, mainly from recycling.
  • The envelopes of the tea bags are also exemplary: 72% recycled origin. This is an unmatched score in the tea bag market!
  • And much more ... Visit the Numi Tea website to learn all about this superb company that the Coco Papaya crew considers as a model for the economy of tomorrow.

Good tasting !

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9 Teas in 1! Try the 9 varieties of the fair trade brand Numi Tea with this 100% organic assortment This assortment of Numi Tea teas and infusions soberly named "Numi's Collection" invites you to taste the brand's 9 star recipes: White Rose Tea (2 bags) Turmeric Three Roots Turmeric Herbal Tea (2 sachets) "Amber Sun" herbal tea with turmeric (2 sachets)...
Green tea
Numi Tea
A delicious drink made with "Yerba Maté" herbs from South America. The Numi Tea brand offers us here a fabulous recipe as only it knows how to make! The association of "Yerba Maté" from South America, with green tea and lemon myrtle creates a unique flavor, particularly long in the mouth, and which ends with a fresh note. Numi Tea Lemon Mate is...
Treat yourself to a sensory journey with Moroccan organic mint tea Coco Papaya has selected for you the Numi Tea brand for its organic certification, its commitment to a fairer trade but also for the exceptional taste quality of its teas and infusions. Numi Tea offers us here the best expression of the famous Moroccan mint tea: a drink with a refreshing...
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