Abstract Female Statues

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Abstract Statues
ABST01658-B Br
The beauty of the female body as a source of inspiration Dimensions: height 105 x width 18 x depth 15cm approximately. Dimensions of the statue's base: 15x15cm approximately. Material: solid exotic wood from eco-responsible sectors (planted forests). Waxed finish. Handcrafted and fair trade. We found this large, modern and stylized statue of a nude woman...

Our Abstract Statues in Honor of Women

Explore our collection of abstract statues of women, wooden works of art that celebrate beauty and femininity in stylized and artistic forms. Each sculpture represents the grace and strength of the woman, capturing abstract expressions that inspire and amaze.

Abstract Women's Statues: Paying Homage to Feminine Beauty

Our abstract female statues are unique representations of female beauty. Hand-carved by talented craftsmen, these wooden works of art captivate with their elegant shapes and subtle details. Each sculpture tells a story, inviting contemplation and admiration.

Femininity and Expression

Our abstract women's sculptures capture the essence of femininity. With flowing lines and graceful curves, these works of art express the power, sensitivity, and inner beauty of every woman. Each sculpture is a celebration of the diversity and strength of women.

Artisanal quality

Each of our abstract female statues is carefully hand-carved by experienced artisans, who use traditional techniques to create unique works. The wood used: Suar wood was chosen for its quality and durability, ensuring carvings that stand the test of time and add a touch of elegance to any interior.

Explore our collection of abstract statues of women and be inspired by the beauty and grace of these unique works. Each sculpture is an invitation to celebrate the strength and diversity of women around the world.

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