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To balance and strengthen your 3rd Chakra Contents : 15 biodegradable tea bags in the shape of a pyramid. Total weight: 30g. Cylindrical cardboard box. Made and packaged in Ireland. Ingredients : black tea, cinnamon, orange zest, cardamom, cloves (all ingredients are organic). Preparation : water at 100°C / infuse for 3 minutes / infuse up to 2 times...
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An exceptional Advent calendar for tea and infusion lovers Contents: 24 tea bags (individually packaged in a compostable over-envelope that perfectly preserves the flavour of each infusion) Dimensions: Height 34 cm x Width 21.5 cm x Depth 1.5 cm / Total Weight: 200 g / Net Weight: 38.5g To wait until Christmas, taste and savour a delicious infusion or...
Enjoy a sweet break with the organic black tea "Globe Trotter" flavored with mango and apricot Certified organic loose leaf tea - Packaging: recyclable paper bag and biodegradable inner protective film - Capacity: 100g. Made and packaged in France. Fall in love with this tender and sweet blend based on black tea, delicately flavored with natural mango...
Discover the authentic flavours of Indian Tchaï flavoured with spices Fairtrade Max Havelaar Certified Loose Leaf Tea - Packaging: recyclable paper bag and biodegradable inner protective film - Capacity: 100g. Made and packaged in France. This blend of organic black tea from India and traditional spices invites you to discover the richness of the taste of...
Sweet break with the Organic Black Tea "Perle d'Amour" scented and sprinkled with rose Certified organic and fair trade loose tea "Fairtrade Max Havelaar" - Packaging: recyclable paper bag and biodegradable inner protective film - Capacity: 100g. Made and packaged in France.It is the meeting of a black tea of character that mixes with the delicacy of the...
Zen Break with Organic Black Tea "Wisdom of Bouddha" Certified organic loose leaf tea - Packaging: recyclable paper bag and biodegradable inner protective film - Capacity: 100g. Made and packaged in France. A passport to escape is guaranteed with this creative, fruity and fresh blend. The notes of mango bring sweetness to this characterful black tea and...
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Enjoy 20 premium teas and infusions from the "Gold Tea" brand. This special edition "Rainbow Box" box consists of 20 varieties of teas and infusions preciously arranged in a beautiful rainbow-colored setting! With this varied tasting box, offer a beautiful sensory experience to the person of your choice, unless you can't resist the temptation to keep it...

Origins and History of Black Tea

Black Tea, a History in Infusion

Black Tea, an absolute staple in the world of teas, has a fascinating history and origins that go back centuries.

Coco Papaya invites you to dive into the bewitching world of this rich and aromatic tea, made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis.

The origins of Black Tea, whose roots lie in China, extend across various cultures, including India, Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon), Africa, and many other regions. Our selection of Black Teas comes from these emblematic terroirs, each bringing its own nuance of flavors, to the delight of our taste buds!

Virtues and Pleasures of Black Tea

A Sensory and Beneficial Experience

The benefits of Black Tea go beyond the pleasure of tasting. Rich in antioxidants, including flavonoids, it is known to support heart health, improve focus, and provide a dose of natural energy, through theine.

Black Tea is also a true celebration of the senses, offering us an incomparable taste experience, with its complex nuances ranging from malty aromas to fruity, spicy and floral notes.

At Coco Papaya, we are dedicated to bringing you the best of both worlds: an unforgettable sensory experience and a drink that takes care of your well-being.

Traditional Manufacturing and Precious Selection

The Art of Transforming Tea Leaves

The process of making Black Tea is like a subtle dance of the tea leaf. After harvesting, the leaves undergo complete oxidation, giving them their characteristic dark color and rich aromas.

The process of rolling, drying and subsequent sorting contributes to the diversity of flavours. We take the craft of Black Tea very seriously, and carefully select the best teas from the most prestigious plantations.

How? Simply by trusting the best professionals. All the tea brands that you will find in our online store have been chosen for their know-how, but also for the values we share with them. That's why most of the black teas we offer in this section are certified organic and labeled "fair trade".

We want your cup of tea to be good for your health, for the health of our planet, and also for the health of the producer! This is our perception of trade and we will never move away from it.

Our Black Teas Collection: Demand Excellence!

Explore our exclusive selection of black teas, featuring varieties from the world's best tea-producing regions.

Whether you prefer a full-bodied black tea with malty notes or a smoother tea with fruity aromas, our collection will satisfy even the most discerning tea lovers.

At Coco Papaya, we invite you to discover the very essence of Black Tea, to explore its unique nuances and to let yourself be enchanted by its richness and refinement to experience pure moments of relaxation.

Do you want to go further in your quest for well-being? Take a moment to check out our range of Ayurvedic massage oils and rediscover the incredible benefits of the art of massage!

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