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4,6/5 out of 9 total ratings
Bouquet 10 HEM scents Set of 10 boxes = about 100 cones / Each box also contains a metal support to burn the cones. - Precious patchouli (10 cones): made from rigorously selected patchoulis, this powerful incense, both woody, smoked and floral, is also a famous aphrodisiac. - Precious amber (10 cones): the sweetness of vanilla associated with a varied...
4,8/5 out of 4 total ratings
Economical Bundle! Set of 6 boxes each containing 10 cones + 1 stand = about 60 cones of incense from the famous Indian brand Goloka! This assortment will allow you to discover the 3 best perfumes of the brand: Nag Champa (2 boxes = 20 cones): the mythical recipe based on Champaka flowers, with delicate spicy and sweet notes. An ideal must-have for...
4,6/5 out of 14 total ratings
A year of scents: discover the natural Indian incense of the world's best-selling brand! 24 various fragrances, for a total of 360 incense sticks (24 cases of 15 sticks - 360 incense sticks length 21cm). Buy your incense in large quantities and get an unbeatable price. Build up a stock of natural incense for an entire year,at the rate of one stick burned...
5/5 out of 1 total ratings
Find out all the generosity of India in this incense indian very sweet, fruity and captivating : the Super Hit by Satya Sai Baba. Lot economic containing 12 boxes 15g each = approximately 140 sticks. This incense 100% natural is an excellent compromise between smoothness, power and subtlety. Her perfume so special is it provides a worldwide success for...
5/5 out of 2 total ratings
Do you like the incense of the brand Satya ? Enjoy 2 best-sellers that are the Nag Champa and the Super Hit, at a reduced price ! Pack economic containing 12 boxes 15g each = ~ 140 incense sticks. 6 boxes Super Hit (70 sticks around) + 6 cases of Nag Champa (70 sticks around). Super Hit and Nag Champa : 2 incense indian 100% natural fragrances are...
4,8/5 out of 18 total ratings
THE famous blue box containing theincense natural indian the most sold in the world : the Nag Champa from Satya Sai Baba. Lot economic containing 12 boxes 15g each = approximately 140 sticks. Composed of a mixture of 160 aromatic products (with in particular the yellow flower of a tree of the Himalayas, Michelia Champaka, which gives it its scent,...
4,9/5 out of 10 total ratings
Mégapack incense natural indian of the legendary brand HEM. 18 perfumes varied, or a total of 360 incense sticks. This assortment giant priced canon, you can be a stock incense natural high quality for 1 full year, at the rate of 1 stick burned per day. Advantage : you can frequently vary the fragrances because this batch is composed of 18 different...
5/5 out of 1 total ratings
Buy your incense a large amount to pay for it even less expensive ! Mégapack economic containing 24 pouches of 15g each = about 280 sticks of incense. 12 cases of the Super Hit (140 sticks approximately) + 12 boxes Nag Champa (140 sticks around). Super Hit and Nag Champa : 2 incense indian 100% natural fragrances are considered as among the best in the...

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