A humanist and responsible company, Coco Papaya is committed to working daily in compliance with this ethical charter

Our commitments: ecology, respect, sustainability

Respect and protect the environment, avoid waste

At each stage of our work, we take care to ban any process that pollutes or generates waste of material or energy. This applies to many aspects of our business:

Import of goods

When we select a supplier, we ensure that they work with respect for people and the environment, at each stage of their manufacturing process, and ask them to produce the corresponding supporting documents (e.g. certificate of origin of the wood used which must come from controlled forests).

Furthermore, to transport our goods to France, we use transport by boat, which is much less polluting than transport by plane.

Operation of our own structure

It makes sense, we apply to ourselves the environmental requirements that we impose on our suppliers. This affects a multitude of areas of daily life such as energy saving through the use of LED bulbs and the insulation of heated rooms. We are also currently working to replace plastics with recyclable materials wherever possible, and are encouraging our suppliers to do the same.

Around 50% of our needs for cushioning and packaging material are covered by recycling!

Reduction in paper consumption

We favor electronic exchanges rather than mail (e.g. your invoice can be viewed online), sorting and recycling of all our waste. The best example of this ecological commitment is visible to our customers! In fact, to prepare our packages, we regularly use recycled packaging boxes and cushioning material and give them a second life.

To protect the items shipped, we also reuse the material that our suppliers used to prepare our orders (kraft paper, bubble wrap, etc.). It's simple, economical and ecological.

Fairer and more equitable trade

Some of the products we offer are of artisanal origin (see the mention "Origin" in the "Characteristics" tab of each product page).

Whatever the country, when we go to a craftsman to place an order, he has a smile when we arrive and also when we leave, and so have we ! Our definition of fair trade could be limited to this sentence. It is simply making a mutually beneficial trade, which makes both parties winners.

To implement this, it's very simple. We announce our rules of the game to the craftsman from the outset: we are not going to discuss prices. He can therefore set prices that allow him to live with dignity from his work. Most often, this is enough to establish a true partnership based on mutual respect.

Some of our suppliers have even become friends! Thanks to this way of doing business, with mutual benefit as the central axis, we are convinced of bringing something positive to the artisans who work with us and, on a smaller scale, to the community to which they belong. We are proud to employ small, talented artisans and to contribute, even modestly, to improving their standard of living and perpetuating their know-how.

Let us specify here that certain products in our online store are supplied from European suppliers, particularly when compliance with standards and the safety of our customers requires it (electrical products, hygiene and beauty items, room fragrances, etc.). jewelry). When this is the case, we choose suppliers with whom we share the same values.

A satisfied customer is a loyal customer

At the risk of surprising you, our objective is not to sell you more and more products, even if it means never seeing you again afterwards.

We did not choose this way of working because it does not suit us.

Coco Papaya aims to be long-term, to build a relationship of trust with its customers, to build a reputation for excellence in France, in Europe and around the world.

The one and only way to do this is to achieve an excellent level of customer satisfaction. This is why, at each stage of our work, we try to implement the best possible level of quality.

✔ Supplier selection, quality control and after-sales service

When we select an international craftsman or a European supplier, it is the quality of their products which guides our choice and which, later, determines whether or not we continue our collaboration with them.

When we receive our goods, we immediately perform a quality check, and items with critical defects are set aside so that they are not shipped to customers who may be disappointed.

These processes that we have always applied have the sole objective of obtaining the satisfaction of our customers.

Of course, we can make mistakes: we are human! This is why our customer service listens to each of your messages with the same kindness, whether it is a thank you or a complaint.

✔ Accurate photos and product descriptions

To avoid unpleasant surprises, all our products are photographed from several angles and in close-up.

Furthermore, we strive to write precise product descriptions (dimensions, materials, colors, etc.) that are faithful to reality so that you get a realistic idea of each item offered to you.

However, for our handcrafted objects, there may be slight differences in appearance, color, and dimensions compared to the photographed model (for example not all of our Buddhas have exactly the same facial expression, it all depends on the sculptor !)

These variations are your assurance of having received an authentic artisanal creation.

✔ Careful and resistant packaging

Each item you order from us must absolutely arrive to you quickly, and in perfect condition. The packages that we prepare for you must therefore be ready to face the harsh ordeal of transport!

With years of experience, we have learned to properly protect the items we send. Even the most fragile objects, such as those made of terracotta, will arrive safely and in one piece, guaranteed!

✔ Low prices for delivery and returns

Logistics is our second largest expense, just after merchandise purchases.

And we invest a lot of resources and energy to make our products accessible at the best price.

A statistic: we contribute on average €6.50 to the shipping cost of each package.

We always offer solutions to allow our customers to return items they do not wish to keep, easily and inexpensively.

On "Google Customer Reviews", 98% of our customers indicated that they were satisfied with their order

✔ Before and after the sale: listening and advice

A question about a product or a delivery method?

Need advice?

A problem receiving your order?

Whatever the subject, do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to meet your expectations. The availability and efficiency of our customer service are an integral part of our quality approach.

Contact us :

Email: contact@coco-papaya.com

Telephone: +33 (0)9 83 51 40 88 (non-premium rate call)

Mail: Coco Papaya - 382 Avenue Mory - 62830 Samer - France

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