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Unlock the energy of your 7th Chakra with Solaris Organic and Vegan Tea Contents : 15 biodegradable tea bags in the shape of a pyramid. Total weight: 30g. Cylindrical cardboard box. Made and packaged in Ireland. Ingredients : green tea, orange zest, lemon peel, cardamom, cloves, star anise (all ingredients are organic). Preparation : water at 70°C /...
Set of 6 Blue and Gold Mandala coasters or saucers for Zen and Spiritual table decoration Dimensions: diameter 9.5 x thickness 0.5cm approximately. Materials: natural cork, thick printed paper top with glossy varnish finish. These natural cork coasters have been specially designed to resist stains and clean easily, making them perfect for welcoming...
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Organic herbal tea / infusion "I am at peace" with green tea, orange and cinnamon to harmonize the 4th chakra. The Indian brand of Ayurvedic teas and infusions "Shoti Maa" offers you its delicious organic infusion "Je suis en Paix" with green tea, orange and cinnamon. The ingredients that compose it have been selected according to the traditional...
Herbal teas and infusions of the world.
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12 organic teas and infusions for Indian well-being Contents: 12 bags of organic teas and infusions. Total Weight = 24.2g. Allergen information : contains liquorice and coriander. The "Magic Box" by Shoti Maa allows you to discover the 12 varieties of organic Ayurvedic teas and infusions of the Indian brand: 7 "Chakra" teas and infusions + 5 "element"...
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9 Teas in 1! Try the 9 varieties of the fair trade brand Numi Tea with this 100% organic assortment This assortment of Numi Tea teas and infusions soberly named "Numi's Collection" invites you to taste the brand's 9 star recipes: White Rose Tea (2 bags) Turmeric Three Roots Turmeric Herbal Tea (2 sachets) "Amber Sun" herbal tea with turmeric (2 sachets)...
A delicious drink made with "Yerba Maté" herbs from South America. The Numi Tea brand offers us here a fabulous recipe as only it knows how to make! The association of "Yerba Maté" from South America, with green tea and lemon myrtle creates a unique flavor, particularly long in the mouth, and which ends with a fresh note. Numi Tea Lemon Mate is...
Teas & Infusions from around the world
An exceptional Advent calendar for tea and infusion lovers Contents: 24 tea bags (individually packaged in a compostable over-envelope that perfectly preserves the flavour of each infusion) Dimensions: Height 34 cm x Width 21.5 cm x Depth 1.5 cm / Total Weight: 200 g / Net Weight: 38.5g To wait until Christmas, taste and savour a delicious infusion or...
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"Playful Pear" organic green tea with pear "Playful Pear" is a Chinese green tea recipe with a delicious pear flavour carefully crafted by the brand "Gold Tea?". You'll also enjoy its unique flavour: An intense aroma of ripe pears A fresh and tangy flavour with a sweet finish, and a nice length in the mouth. Directions: 1 teaspoon of tea for 200ml of...
Travel to distant and sunny lands with the Organic Green Tea "Evasion" with its freshand fruity flavours Certified organic loose leaf tea - Packaging: recyclable paper bag and biodegradable inner protective film - Capacity: 100g. Made and packaged in France.The "Evasion" mix is perhaps the best way to discover the "Route des Comptoirs" brand. From the...
Organic Green Tea "Lung Ching": a great vintage to be tested urgently! Fairtrade Max Havelaar Certified Loose Leaf Tea - Packaging: recyclable paper bag and biodegradable inner protective film - Capacity: 100g. Made and packaged in France. The "Dragon's Well" Nicknamed "Dragon's Well" after the region where it originated, this famous green tea from China...
Explore the aromatic richness of Japanese green tea with this Premium "Grand Sencha" Certified organic loose leaf tea - Packaging: recyclable paper bag and biodegradable inner protective film - Capacity: 100g. Made and packaged in France. Definitely one of the best green teas in the world If you're looking for excellence, then succumb to this Japanese...
Smile at life with the Organic Green Tea "Tea of Happiness" with spicy, floral and fruity flavors Certified organic loose leaf tea - Packaging: recyclable paper bag and biodegradable inner protective film - Capacity: 100g. Made and packaged in France. The exquisite and spicy fragrances immerse you in a unique taste adventure. On a base of Chinese green...
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Discover the premium teas and infusions of the "Gold Tea?" brand with this box containing their 8 featured recipes! This "The Favor 8" tasting box consists of 8 varieties of certified organic teas and infusions,elegantly presented in a neatly designed box. This is the perfect opportunity to discover the delicious flavours of the premium brand 'Or Tea'!...
Herbal teas and infusions of the world.
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Enjoy 20 premium teas and infusions from the "Gold Tea" brand. This special edition "Rainbow Box" box consists of 20 varieties of teas and infusions preciously arranged in a beautiful rainbow-colored setting! With this varied tasting box, offer a beautiful sensory experience to the person of your choice, unless you can't resist the temptation to keep it...

Coco Papaya takes you on a journey around the world!

You may have discovered our online store through our "Decoration of the World" range, but the journey we offer you will not only delight your eyes.

At Coco Papaya, we are interested in the five senses, and we would also like to take your taste buds on a journey by offering you flavors from elsewhere. Immediate embarkation on the discovery of the world's green teas!

Green Tea: A Treasure of Nature

Green Tea, a treasure of nature with ancient roots, has its origins in ancient China. It's a centuries-old tradition that has captivated the hearts of tea lovers around the world. At Coco Papaya, we honor these millennial origins by presenting you with an exquisite range of green teas, drawing on the centuries-old traditions of Chinese, Japanese and Indian cultures in particular.

Green tea has conquered the world thanks to its delicious flavors, but also thanks to its health benefits. Rich in antioxidants, it is renowned for its potential to fight free radicals and boost the immune system. Studies show that it may help reduce the risk of heart disease, improve digestion, and improve skin health.

The Coco Papaya shop offers a wide selection of green teas, carefully chosen for their exceptional quality. We always favor teas from organic farming, which are more respectful of the planet, biodiversity, and our health. And whenever possible, we offer teas with the "fair trade" label, to promote fair remuneration for producers.

The Art of Green Tea Making

The process of making Green Tea can be compared to that of a work of art.

It starts with the cultivation of the plants, then the manual picking of the tea leaves: during these stages, everything is done to preserve the freshness and aromas. The tea leaves are then sorted and selected with delicacy and know-how: this is the secret of great teas.

At Coco Papaya, we collaborate with passionate producers who perpetuate the traditional methods of tea production, ensuring authentic flavors and a manufacturing process that respects the environment and workers.

Fall in love with our Premium selection!

Explore our exclusive selection of green teas from the best producing regions around the world!

From delicate green teas with floral notes to full-bodied varieties with vegetal or even woody aromas, our collection offers a diversity of flavours to satisfy all palates.

The passionate team at Coco Papaya invites you to savour the very essence of Green Tea, to discover its different nuances and to let yourself be enchanted by its authentic charm.

By choosing your green tea at Coco Papaya, you are opting for authenticity, quality and commitment to nature, your well-being and that of the producers.

Discover our range of green teas now and embark on a sensory journey through centuries-old traditions and the many benefits of this drink.

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