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Catcher dream indian yellow, also called sensor of dreams. Total length = 60cm / Width = 25cm approximately. Diameter of the main ring = 16cm. This sensor dream original is composed of 5 rings and feathers colourful. The color "Lemon Yellow", trend and tart adds a touch of modernity to this object traditional native american art. Handicraft hand made with...
Friezes and wall sculptures
JUJU02677 Br
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Do you know the authentic African feathered decoration that has become very trendy? This is the Juju Hat! Diameter: about 40cm. Height with the foot: about 50cm. Materials: rooster feathers and natural shells. Foot (included): metal and wood. Handcrafted and fair trade. 1 wall clip on the back of the Juju Hat. Each piece is unique and may therefore have...
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Collar decorative tribal style of Papua New Guinea, climbed on foot Total Dimensions : height 46cm x width 40cm x depth 12cm approx. Dimensions collar-single : 40 x 33cm, thickness approximately 2cm. Material : embroidery in cotton type macrame, feathers, shells. Display wood rod and metal. Refine your home decor by adding a touch of ethnic / bohemian...

Feathers for your interior decoration

Our Papou necklaces are entirely handmade in accordance with tribal traditions. In a room, on a desk or in a library, this wonder will immediately attract attention!

Before being a very trendy ethnic decoration object, the Juju hat is a ritual headdress of the Bamiléké ethnic group in Cameroon. Several hours of work are required to create this sublime object of wall decoration.

Our famous dream catchers come in several models and colors. In Native American legend, the dream catcher or dream sensor, woven like a spider's web, has the function of filtering dreams. Legend invites dreams to cross his hand-woven canvas. Good dreams are anchored in the feathers and spread in the room where you have arranged it, while bad dreams are trapped in the pearls until dawn. At the first ray of the sun, the light will burn them.

Natural curly shells further embellish these beautiful decorative objects!

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