Decorative garlands

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Decorative garlands
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Hanging Crystal Sun Catcher Dimensions: height 2.5 x diameter 2cm approximately. Material: Crystal (wire not included). According to Feng Shui principles, crystals are believed to have beneficial energetic properties. They are often used to attract and amplify positive energy while keeping negative energies away. A well-placed crystal light catcher can...
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The charm of craftsmanship for your decoration Dimensions: total length 80cm x diameter about 5.50cm. Materials: shells, rope, cotton and metal. Composed of dozens of small gray shells,this magnificent artisanal suspension can be hung on the wall, curtains,or simply be placed on a piece of furniture. Entirely made by one of our exceptional craftsmen, it...
Amulets & lucky charms
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The protective amulet Dimensions: big eye = 3x3cm / small eye = about 1x1cm. Total length = 15cm. Material: glass and jute rope. This glass and jute rope object represents theLucky Turkish Eye, very common in Turkey. According to the ancestral Anatolian belief, this talisman is a symbolic representation intended to thwart the misfortunes that can spread...
Amulets & lucky charms
Blue glass eye: a protective amulet to decorate your home Diameter: large eye = 4cm / small eyes = about 1cm. Total length = 22cm. Material: glass and jute rope. This object made of glass and braided jute rope represents theTurkish lucky eye, very widespread in Turkey. According to the ancestral Anatolian belief, this talisman is a symbolic representation...
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Pufferfish to put down or hang! Dimensions: Total height: 45cm (with rope) - Fish alone: 30cm x 30cm x 30cm. Material: real outer shell of Coconut (endocarp), wood and rope. Sublimate your"seaside"inspired decoration with this pretty fish to hang in aged wood and its rope in natural fibers. Craftsmanship: each piece is unique and can therefore be...
Amulets & lucky charms
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Dual protection Dimensions: big eye = 5x4cm / small eye = about 3.5x3cm. Total length = 27cm. Material: glass and jute rope. To be doubly protected, fall for this magnificent duo in glass and jute rope! Installed in the entrance, hung on the wall or suspended from a handle, they will protect you from the evil eye! This very beautiful decorative object...
Decorative garlands
Fall for the Fish decoration trend! Dimensions: Total length: 52cm (with the clip) - Fish only: length 39cm x width 13.5cm x thickness 1.50cm Material: exotic wood from regulated sectors. Handcrafted carved and painted by hand. Enhance your "seaside" inspired decoration with this pretty fish to hang in aged wood and its natural fiber rope. This elegant...

Hang garlands to complement your decor ! Hung on a door, on the ceiling, on a piece of furniture... the garlands complete your decor with originality !

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