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Incense holder for sticks and cones

Selenite Flower of Life Incense Holder - Disc ø10cm

Selenite Incense Holder Engraved Flower of Life Symbol Dimensions: diameter 10 x thickness 1.1 to 1.5 cm approximately. Weight: 200 to 260 grams approximately. Handcrafted creation imported in compliance with fair trade rules: slight differences in colour and appearance are possible compared to the model photographed. A selenite incense holder with...
Pan flute composed of an assembly of 10 bamboo recorders of different sizes. This musical instrument is also a beautiful decorative object. Each flute is decorated with colorful hand-painted patterns, making this object particularly interesting and unique. The style reminds us of the traditional aboriginal technique: pointillism. It is a succession of...
Scent burner

Burns Perfume "Foliage" in bamboo and white ceramic

5/5 out of 1 total ratings
A practical perfume burner, with a design inspired by nature! Dimensions: height 11 x length 13 x depth 7.5 cm. approximately. Material: White ceramic and bamboo. The perfume burner "Foliage" is distinguished by its particularly successful design, combining the natural beauty of bamboo and white ceramics.The cup that accommodates the perfume (capacity...
5/5 out of 5 total ratings
Bracelet protection against the evil eye One size & Mixed - Length = 19cm (for wrists from 16 to 19.5 cm). Elastic, this bracelet fits most wrists. Diameter of beads = 6mm / eye = blue 8mm Beautiful bracelet made up of 33 beads in onyx (also known as black agate) and a glass bead representing the eye Turkish. This is the Nazar boncuk : "nazar" evil...
Musical Instruments

Hand Painted Bamboo Pan Flute - Musical Instrument

FLUT02452 8 P
5/5 out of 2 total ratings
Pan flute composed of an assembly of 8 bamboo recorders of different sizes. This musical instrument is also a beautiful decorative object. Each flute is decorated with small hand-painted colored dots, making this object particularly interesting and unique. Dimensions: approximately 20 x 11 cm Handicraft: patterns and colors may vary slightly from the...
Incense holder for sticks and cones

Burning incense wrought-iron - Cat

4/5 out of 1 total ratings
Incense holders in wrought iron made by hand Dimensions : diameter of the cup 8: cm / Cat : 10 x 8 cm - Material : wrought iron craft Practice : the stick of incense arises right in the tube provided for this purpose, the ashes fall directly into the cup. Wipes clean with a damp sponge. A small gift ideal for collectors of cats !
Bamboo wind chimes

Bamboo and Coconut Wind Chime

4,3/5 out of 3 total ratings
Artisanal Wind Bell Dimensions: total length: 85cm approximately. Coconut: diameter 10cm approximately. Bamboo: length 20 to 30cm approximately. Materials: bamboo, coconut. Minimalist and effective: we really like this timeless model, just composed of bamboo and half a coconut! A beautiful craftsmanship of quality found at one of our talented craftsmen...
4,4/5 out of 5 total ratings
Brûle-parfum artisanal en terre cuite + 1 fiole d'huile parfumée offerte (senteur aléatoire). Dimensions : diamètre 10cm / hauteur 9cm environ. Matière : terre cuite artisanale, corde en jonc de mer. 1 Bougie chauffe-plat + 1 fiole d'huile parfumée incluses. Ce brûle-parfum est idéal comme diffuseur pour les huiles parfumées ou les carrés fondants de...
Key rings & handbag jewels

Key holder Turkish Eye - Talisman Lucky Charm

He will follow you everywhere to fight against the evil eye Dimensions: total length = 6 cm. Cabochon = diameter 2.7 cm. Material: anallergic silver metal Take it everywhere with you so that you always have your amulet against the evil eye! A solid and original key-door that you can also use as a bag jewel. Do you believe in the powers of the blue eye?
5/5 out of 3 total ratings
Tea box or incense, wooden jewelry box patterned lotus flowers painted by hand Dimensions: length 32cm x width 7cm x height 6.5cm. Matter: exotic wood. Homemade. A long Zen-style box to store your tea, jewelry, incense, make-up and beauty accessories, ... We love the golden finish on Lotus Flowers: a touch that brings shine and elegance!
4,6/5 out of 9 total ratings
Necklace "My Guardian Angel" metal silver + pendant natural stone : Lapis Lazuli genuine Pretty pendant features a gorgeous lapis lazuli. Often called the "Stone of Friendship", elle is recognized for its virtue to spread the joy and good mood. It is also appreciated for its calming and anti-stress which strengthens the self-confidence. The guardian Angel...
A fresh and purifying fragrance for this 100% vegetable wax candle made of recycled glass Dimensions: Height 20 x Diameter 6cm. Weight: 800g approximately. Burn time: approx. 100 hours . Materials: recycled glass jar, cork coaster, cotton wick. Ingredients: palm wax (palm fruit stone) 100% RSPO certified plant-based. This pretty, scented and decorative...
Candle holders, Lanterns and Photophores

White Lotus Flower Candle Holder in Capiz Shell

Zen decoration: An elegant "Lotus Flower" candle holder made with shells Dimensions: Flower diameter 15cm x height 6cm. Weight: 20 grams approximately. Materials: Capiz shells and gilded metal. Diameter of the candle slot: 4cm (suitable for most "tealight" candles and some "votives"). Handcrafted in the Philippines with Capiz shells (a local shell), this...
5/5 out of 6 total ratings
Bracelet protection against the evil eye One size & Mixed - Length = 19cm (for wrists from 16 to 19.5 cm). Elastic, this bracelet fits most wrists. Diameter of beads = 6mm / eye = blue 8mm Beautiful bracelet made up of 33 beads in onyx (also known as black agate) and a glass bead representing the eye Turkish. This is the Nazar boncuk : "nazar" evil...
5/5 out of 8 total ratings
Bracelet elastic in chrysocolla natural. Pearls Length = 18cm (perfect for wrist from 16 to 19.5 cm). Diameter of beads = 6mm. Nice elastic strap composed of approximately 30 beads : it adapts to the vast majority of wrists. The chrysocolla is used today in lithotherapie for its many benefits for the body, mind and spirit. The health stone is known to...
5/5 out of 5 total ratings
Bracelet Lithotherapie in Sardonyx natural. Elastic, it adapts its size to that of your wrist ! Therefore, it can be worn by most adults regardless of the morphology. Diameter = 6.5 cm (expandable to 8 cm and +). Circumference expandable from 16 to 19cm approximately. Weight = 24g approx. Diameter of beads = 8mm. This bracelet is made of 24 beads...
4,6/5 out of 10 total ratings
Here is a particularly original musical instrument that perfectly reproduces the sound of thunder. Dimensions: length 25cm / diameter about 7.5cm When you use it, the people around you will think a storm has just erupted! Consisting of a cylindrical sound box and a spring, this percussion is very easy to use: steer the spring down, shake the cylinder, and...
Enjoy a sweet break with the organic white tea "Neiges de Noël" flavored with fruits and spices Certified organic loose leaf tea - Packaging: recyclable paper bag and biodegradable inner protective film - Capacity: 50g. Made and packaged in France.Tea lovers, dare to make this spicy and sweet blend based on white tea. An exclusive recipe from the "Route...
5/5 out of 1 total ratings
Jewellery Case External dimensions: width 7 x depth 6 x height 5cm approximately. Interior dimensions: width 5.5 x depth 4.5 x height 4cm approximately. Material: hand-painted MDF wood. Handcrafted and fair trade. This box is very practical for storing all kinds of small objects : rings and small jewelry, incense cones, batteries, and all the little...
3 little cats, cats, cats! Dimensions: height 13 x width 13 x depth approx. 4.50 cm. Material: exotic pine (albizia) from responsible sources. A nice trio of cats that makes you think of a small family (a parent and their 2 children; parents with their child, siblings, ...). Filled with love and tenderness, these adorable little grey cats will easily find...

Amethyst Bracelet - 12mm Balls

5/5 out of 1 total ratings
Natural Amethyst Bracelet - 12mm Beads Length 18cm (ideal for wrists from 16 to 19.5cm approximately). Pearl diameter 12mm. This beautiful bracelet is made of about 16 "extra" quality natural amethyst beads, featuring the typical purple reflections and shades of this stone. Elastic, it adapts to most wrists.
Feline love! Dimensions: height 14 x width 10.5 x depth 5 cm approximately. Material: exotic pine (albizia) from responsible sectors. Entirely carved and hand painted in Bali, this pretty couple of cats kissing will bring a touch of romance to your decoration! Perfect on a chest of drawers or on a shelf, this wooden statuette will naturally find its...
The Golden Triangle Length = about 18cm (ideal for wrists of 15 to 18cm maximum circumference: our 4mm pearl bracelets are recommended for small wrists). Diameter of the beads = 4mm. Grade A rolled stones (origin Brazil). Composition: about 45 natural stone beads (amethyst, pink quarter and rock crystal) strung on an elastic band. Not sure which stone to...

A nice original and cheap gift for the schoolmistress or teacher

When a teacher has helped our child to learn, to progress, we are grateful to him and at the end of the year we like to thank him by offering him a small gift.

But which gift to choose? How to make this gift stand out and touch its recipient?

No, you don't have to spend a fortune! The solution is to choose an original gift to show that you have sought to please.

Coco Papaya offers you here a selection of original and cheap gifts, often handmade by our craftsmen, to please the school teacher, the teacher or the teacher of your child!

Of course, you will find here the favorite themes of the Coco Papaya shop such as lithotherapy and fine stone jewelry, well-being, or home fragrances ... But give yourself a few moments to discover our selection before making a judgment.

If you found this selection useful, consider sharing it with other parents: you will do them a great service by helping them easily find the perfect gift, and you will also participate in making Coco papaya known as well as all the artisans we support.

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