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Tiger's Eye Protective Energy on Your Neck The necklace consists of a chain and a pendant. Total length of the chain approx. 50cm (material: stainless steel). Dimensions of the pendant (excluding bail) 2x1cm approx. (may vary slightly). Bail 5mm approximately. Natural tiger eye pendant of AAA quality, from South Africa. Size, shape, and color shades...
Energy Roll-On for Essential Oils
ROLL01483 ZZM008
Create your own crystal elixirs with this energetic Tiger's Eye Roll-on. Dimensions: height 8.5 x diameter 2cm. Glass bottle, Tiger's Eye ball, screw cap. Capacity: 10ml. Contains 10 to 15g of natural Tiger's Eye stones. Easy-to-open bottle for filling, cleaning and purifying stones. Combining the benefits of lithotherapy and aromatherapy This Roll-on...
Trees of Happiness in natural stones
TREE01723 OT
Tiger's Eye Tree of Happiness: the symbolism of the Tree of Life and the virtues of Lithotherapy stones Dimensions: height 20cm x diameter 15cm x base diameter 5.5cm approximately. Material: gilded metal, natural gemstone (Tiger's Eye, about 175 stones), and wooden base. Handcrafted with Tiger's Eye natural gemstones, golden metallic wire and a wooden...
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Bracelet Lithotherapie in the Eye of Taurus the natural. Elastic, it stretches easily and fits the size of your wrist ! Therefore, it can be worn by the majority of men and women, regardless of the morphology. Length = 18cm (perfect for wrist from 16 to 19.5 cm). Weight = 26g approx. Diameter of beads = 8mm. Beads selected for superior quality. This...
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Chinese Donut Pi in Tiger's Eye: the necklace that turns into a bracelet! Donut diameter = 30mm. Cord length = about 100cm. Material: waxed cotton. Natural stone (grade AAA, origin: South Africa). Some details of the appearance of the stone may vary slightly from the model photographed. The reflections so characteristic of the tiger's eye stone are here...
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The perfect trio! Length - 17cm (ideal for wrists 15 to 18cm in circumference: our 4mm beaded bracelets are recommended for small wrists). Pearl diameter - 4mm. Grade A rolled stones (origin Brazil). Composition: about 44 natural stone beads (labradorite, onyx and tiger's eye) strung on a rubber band. Pearl diameter - 4mm. Don't know which stone to...
Stones and natural minerals
Special Lithotherapy: stones rolled in the Eye of the Natural Tiger of South Africa. Lot weight: about 80 to 100g. Stone size: 3 x 3cm on average (variable). The stones that make up this lot are rolled stones of free shapes, weights and varying sizes. It is composed of 2 to 3 beautiful stones in Natural Tiger Eye (origin South Africa) for a total...
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Necklace with double round pendant in Tiger's eye Pendant: diameter +/-1.4cm for the large ball and +/-6mm for the small one. Cord not adjustable, this collar goes through the head (length 70cm). Nice necklace composed of a braided cord and a pendant consisting of 2 tiger eye balls. This necklace is mixed: it is suitable for men and women. A timeless...
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The unique style of the 3-eye bracelet with very thin 4mm beads Length - 17cm (ideal for wrists 15 to 18cm in circumference). Elastic bracelet composed of about 40 beads. Pearl diameter - 4mm. Origin of South Africa. A must for all lovers of stone jewelry, this pretty elastic bracelet consists of 3 varieties of tiger eye: Tiger's eye: stone with...
Stones and natural minerals
For lovers of mineralogy and lithotherapy: "Tiger's Eye" stones in their raw state Assortment weight: 90 to 110g. Dimensions of the stones: 4 x 3 x 2cm on average (variable). The stones that make up this assortment are rough stones of free shapes, weights and sizes. Each assortment is composed of 1 to 3 large stones in Tiger's Eye 100% natural (South...
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Natural tiger oeil bracelet - very thin 4mm beads Length - 17cm (ideal for wrists 15 to 18cm in circumference). Pearl diameter - 4mm. Origin of South Africa. A must for all lovers of stone jewelry, this bracelet consists of about 37 pearl balls in tiger eye 100% natural, unstained, unheated, unreensited. A superb quality of stone. Convenient, this elastic...
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The perfect combination of two elegant materials Total length: 4.50cm / Hexagonal tip: 2 x 0.50cm Materials: Natural Tiger Eye and Silver Metal We love the timeless and elegant style of this pretty pair of Aventurine earrings. These earrings will seduce lovers of semi-precious stones. They reveal all the nuances so characteristic of theTiger's eye. Thin...
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Necklace with Tiger's Eye pendant and silver Tree of Life pattern This necklace consists of a silver hypoallergenic metal chain and a natural tiger's eye "drop" pendant with a tree of life motif in silver metallic wire. Chain length: 50cm Pendant dimensions: 3 x 2.5 cm (excluding bail). Bail 10 x 7 mm. Fall in love with this beautiful necklace...
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Dangling earrings in natural gemstones and silver elephant symbol Dimensions: Total length = 6.5cm approximately Diameter of the stone beads: 8mm. Material: hypoallergenic silver metal (zinc alloy) and natural gemstones. Weight: about 29g. This pretty pair of earrings is made of rutilated quartz and tiger eye. These two natural fine stones will bring you...
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Tiger's Eye "Feline Protection" Crystal Healing Necklace 6mm Unisex necklace for men or women. Total length 45cm with hypoallergenic silver metal screw clasp. Pearl diameter 6mm. Natural AAA grade tiger's eye beads, South African origin. Slight differences in appearance or colour are possible compared to the model photographed, testifying to the...
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Tiger eye, hawk eye and bull's eye bracelet - AAA quality Length = 18cm (ideal for wrists of approximately 16 to 19.5cm). Diameter of the beads = 6mm (approximately 31 beads). Unmissable for all lovers of stone jewelry and all lovers of lithotherapy! This bracelet is made of 100% natural, non-tinted, unheated, non-reconstituted stone beads. This practical...
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Chain + pendant "cat" silver-tone metal and tiger's-eye natural Dimensions and materials : chain total length 50 cm - silver metal hypoallergenic and nickel free / Pendant height the 4.53 (+ bow 9mm) x width 2,70 cm - silver-plated metal hypoallergenic, without nickel and natural stone tiger eye. Pretty pendant in the shape of a cat adorned with a...
BCOR02591 OT
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Nails earrings in Tiger Eye natural Dimensions : diameter 6mm approx. Materials : polished natural stone / Rod and a clasp in metal-allergic This pretty little pair of earrings is a classic : timeless, understated and elegant, the nail is part of the must-haves to have in her jewelry box ! The tiger eye is one of the favorite stones of the lovers...
COLL02529 + chaîne argent
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Chain + pendant Dimensions : chain : long 50cm. Pendant : diameter 2cm Material : silver plated metal hypoallergenic, without nickel. Pretty asian dragon silver wrapped around a ball in the eye of the Tiger, that could be considered as a ball of fire. Collar joint for all the fans of asian traditions. Theeye of tiger is one of the favorite stones of the...
Stones and natural minerals
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Special Lithotherapy: Tumbled stones in natural Tiger's Eye from South Africa. Weight of the batch: 40 to 50g approximately. Dimensions of the stones: 3 x 2cm on average (variable). The stones that make up this lot are tumbled stones of free shapes, of varying weights and sizes. It is composed of 2 to 4 natural Tiger's Eye stones (quality A, from...
COLL09529 Ot
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Silver plated chain with "cross" pendant in Tiger's Eye stone Natural stone pendant and bail in nickel-free hypoallergenic silver-plated metal. Dimensions of the pendant: height 2.5cl x width 1.8cm x thickness 0.55cm approx. (excluding bail). Hypoallergenic and nickel-free silver-plated metal chain, length 50cm. The pendant and chain are sold together....
Key rings & handbag jewels
PCLF01591 Ot
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Tree of Life Tree of Life Bag Ring / Charm in Genuine Tiger's Eye Total length: 10 cm Dimensions of the tree of life pendant: 3.40 x 2.60 cm Adorned with a sublime Tiger's Eye, this beautiful accessory has a ring for the keys and a carabiner to hang it on your bag (or other...) The tree of life is a universal image that carries a very rich meaning, both...
Key rings & handbag jewels
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Accessory practical and elegant : the door-keys turtle with stone fine tiger eye real. Total length : 10 cm. Dimension of the pendant turtle : 5 x 3 cm approx. Materials : steel and natural stone (tiger's eye). This beautiful accessory in the shape of a turtle is adorned with a sublime Eye of the Tiger, natural, and with a ring and a carabiner. Practical...

Tiger eye Bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

The tiger eye is one of the favorite stones of lithotherapy lovers. Recognizable among thousands thanks to its beautiful brown dress with golden highlights, this stone is furthermore heavily loaded with energy. Many people who wear a tiger eye jewel for the first time perceive the energy of the stone, sometimes even in a little bit disturbing way, at first.

At all times, Tiger eye was considered as a protective stone: Roman soldiers often brought a pebble to protect themselves during battles. In the Middle Ages, tiger eye was worn as a pendant to ward off spells and evil spirits.

Virtues and benefits of the tiger eye.

The lovers of lithotherapy have dubbed it "the stone of freedom" because it helps us overcome our fears and gain confidence in ourselves. For this reason, tiger eye is particularly recommended during stressful moments such as competitions and exams.

Tiger eye is also frequently used in the field of esotericism because it blocks the negative energies coming from the outside and returns them towards the one who emitted them. This stone thus makes it possible to protect oneself from the malevolence and the bad influences of others, the evil eye, the black magic or the spells.

How to purify and reload tiger eye jewelry ?

To purify your tiger eye jewelry, simply dive it for a few hours in water (ideally demineralized and slightly salty), then wipe it with a clean cloth.

To recload it, expose it to sunlight for 2 to 3 hours.

Purify and reload your tiger eye jewelry about 3 to 4 times a year, or if you have left it in the jewelry box for a long time without wearing it.

Tiger eye and astrology.

The tiger eye is particularly recommended to the natives of the signs of Gemini, Leo, Virgo and Capricorn.

Tiger eye according to the Yoga Kundalini doctrine.

The action of the tiger eye is mainly at the Muladhara chakra (1st chakra "Root") and Manipura chakra (3rd chakra "solar plexus").

Warning: The indications and properties given here are drawn from feedback from users and references in the field. Stones and lithotherapy in general are alternative energy therapies that can help you on a daily basis, but their use should not be a substitute for medical advice or modern medicine.

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