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Satya Super Hit Indian Incense - Set...
Satya Super Hit Indian Incense - Set of 5 boxes of 12 cones
Satya Super Hit Indian Incense - Set...
Satya Super Hit Indian Incense - Set...

Satya Super Hit Indian Incense - Set of 5 boxes of 12 cones

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Set of 5 boxes of 12 cones = approx. 60 cones (+1 holder per box). Dimension of a case: 7 x 6 cm

Find all the generosity of India in this very sweet, fruity and bewitching Indian incense : SATYA's SUPER HIT.

This incense will give you an excellent compromise between a vanilla scent and the very sweet Nag Champa.  Incense filled with sweetness and subtlety. Its distinctive smell has been a worldwide success for more than 40 years.

Virtue: Boosts concentration

Beware of fakes! There are currently many copies of this precious incense. COCO-PAPAYA guarantees that it is indeed the original SUPER HIT.


One of the best incense in the world

If you're just starting out on your journey to Indian incense, you should definitely try this one! SUPER HIT is considered by many to be one of the best incense !

Contents of the lot: 5 boxes each containing 12 incense cones + 1 ceramic burner support. Total: 60 incense cones and 5 holders. Dimensions of a box: approximately 7x6cm.
Incense: Do not ingest, use in a well-ventilated room, do not inhale smoke directly, keep out of reach of children.
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Object type
Home fragrances
Sandalwood, Spices, Vanilla
Olfactory families
Amber, Heady, Chypre, Spicy, Floral
ENCE04189 Sup*5

More known under the brand name Satya, incense natural indian society Shrivinas Sugandhalaya are world renowned for their quality of manufacture, and to their inimitable scents borrowings of nature and exoticism.

If you like incense, try absolutely the brand Satya ! Their best-selling global "Nag Champa" is the perfect way to start your initiation to the pleasures of the incense natural indian.

All the incense Satya are 100% natural, made from plant ingredients such as wood powder or flower petals, essential oils, spices, and medicinal plants.

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