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AAA Gray Moonstone Necklace - Tumbled Stone Pendant + Silver Chain
AAA Gray Moonstone Necklace - Tumbled Stone Pendant + Silver Chain
AAA Gray Moonstone Necklace - Tumbled Stone Pendant + Silver Chain

AAA Gray Moonstone Necklace - Tumbled Stone Pendant + Silver Chain

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The magic of grey moonstone around your neck

Total length of the chain approx. 50cm (material: stainless steel). Dimensions of the stone (excluding bail) = 2 x 1cm approx. (may vary slightly). Bail 5mm approximately. Natural Grey Moonstone Pendant AAA Quality Original India.

Natural Stone: Size, shape , and color shades may vary from models photographed. The different pendants visible in the 2nd photo testify to the possible variants.

This grey moonstone necklace is an elegant and refined piece of jewelry, consisting of a silver stainless steel chain and a natural grey moonstone pendant. Grey moonstone is known for its emotional and spiritual virtues, which help to balance energies and bring a sense of inner peace.

Emotional virtues :

  • Soothes emotions and feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Promotes gentleness and tolerance towards self and others
  • Helps release emotional blocks and heal emotional wounds
  • Boosts intuition and creativity

Spiritual Virtues :

  • Promotes connection with the divine and spirit guides
  • Helps balance the energies of the body and mind
  • Stimulates the opening of the third eye and crown, promoting mental clarity and spiritual understanding
  • Encourages meditation and contemplation

This necklace is ideal for people looking to bring more calm and serenity into their lives. Grey moonstone is also associated with femininity and softness, making it a perfect gift for a woman you care about.

This information is given for information purposes only, and does not in any way constitute medical advice, nor does it engage our liability. The properties, indications and modes of use of the stones and minerals mentioned are taken from reference works in lithotherapy.

Chandra and the Moonstone

In Hindu mythology, moonstone was considered sacred and associated with the moon goddess, Chandra. According to legend, Chandra wore a moonstone on his forehead, which gave him the power to control the tides and human emotions.

One day, a king asked Chandra to grant him a favor. Chandra agreed, but on the condition that the king would not ask him for anything that would harm others. The king agreed and asked Chandra to give him the moonstone she wore on her forehead, thinking it would give her great power.

Chandra reluctantly agreed and handed the moonstone to the king. However, without the moonstone, Chandra lost his power over the tides and human emotions, causing chaos on earth. People began to behave irrationally and the tides became unpredictable, causing flooding and shipwrecks.

The king then realized his mistake and returned the moonstone to Chandra, who was thus able to restore balance on earth.

Since then, moonstone has been considered a symbol of wisdom and emotional balance, and is often used in crystal healing to help soothe emotions and bring a sense of inner peace.

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Article in natural stone: differences in appearance and colors are possible compared to the photographed model. Each item is unique, but always of equivalent quality.
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