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Love perfume burner in white ceramic
Love perfume burner in white ceramic
Love perfume burner in white ceramic
Love square perfume burner in white ceramic

White Ceramic "Love" Square Perfume Burner

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A Ceramic perfume burner with heart and LOVE inscription

Dimensions: height 11.5 x 10.5 x 10.5cm approx. Material: Ceramic.

This elegant square white ceramic oil burner features a cut-out heart and "LOVE" text in a simple, clean design, making a beautiful play of light.

Place scented oil or wax in the integrated dish and light a standard candle inside to diffuse the fragrance of your choice throughout your home.

Ideal for a romantic, contemporary interior, it's also the ideal gift for declaring your love!

What scents can I diffuse with the "LOVE" candle perfume burner?

The "LOVE" candle perfume burner is the ideal accessory for scenting your home using, for example, a perfume solution based on water andGrasse perfume extracts , or a melting square of scented vegetable wax .

Place the fragrance of your choice in the upper dish, then a lit candle in the lower one, and you're ready to go!

LOVE" perfume burner: a timeless, practical and space-saving decorative object you can use in any room of the house to diffuse your favorite fragrances. We particularly like its elegant, timeless style and impeccable finish.

The perfume burner "Yona" with its sleek design will fit perfectly into your interior. It consists exclusively of two natural materials: bamboo and ceramic. The combination of the two gives it a qualitative and elegant appearance.
Height 12.5 x length 9 x width 7 cm. Never leave a lit candle unsupervised by an adult.
Follow the instructions for use indicated on the packaging.
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