6 minerals that are effective against stress.

Lithotherapy explains us that every crystal, every stone, every mineral is charged with a vibratory energy that influences our body and mind and helps us feel better every day. The energy of each is determined by its color and its chemical composition. The crystals and minerals thus diffuse different energies which will have various influences on our state of mind and behavior.

The Indian doctrine of "Kundalini Yoga" has divided these energies into 7 main categories corresponding to our 7 main chakras.

Western lithotherapy, which is inspired by it, also gives very specific benefits to each stone. Let's see what are we recommended to fight against stress and its symptoms.

amethyste Amethyst: the n°1 anti-stress stone.

Leonardo da Vinci wrote about it that the amethyst had "the power to dispel bad thoughts". It is a soothing stone that helps us to evacuate sadness and nervousness. It invites us to calm and meditate, it promotes a restful sleep.
amazonite Amazonite: the joyous stone.

With its elegant gradations of cool and natural colors, amazonite is really a beautiful stone, but not only! It is also appreciated for its anti-stress action that diffuses joy and spontaneity. Another appreciable virtue: the amazonite would protect us from electromagnetic waves such as those emitted by electronic devices (smartphones, televisions ...).
quartz rose Pink quartz: the stone of love and peace.

If I had to choose two words that sum up pink quartz, I would say softness and harmony. This crystal diffuses serenity around it and helps us to overcome painful episodes (separation, death ...). As a feminine stone, it is particularly recommended to young mothers so as to mitigate the baby blues.
jaspe bois Jasper: the quiet force.

Passionate people consider it as one of the essential stones for lithotherapy: jasper brings us peace of mind, confidence, and helps us to let go. There are several varieties of jasper of different colors. To fight against stress, I particularly recommend the "wood" jasper (or "landscape" jasper) that will certainly be the most effective.
Rhodochrosite Rhodochrosite: open to others.

When we experience tenderness and compassion for others, we adopt a more positive and less egocentric attitude, which helps us to put our own worries in perspective and dispel our anxieties. It is precisely this energy that radiates from rhodochrosite, a stone that, by opening us to others, tempers our hyper-emotivity and regulates the emotional overflow.
Stone needle bianshi Stone needle: the anti-stress remedy from Asia.

Moslty unknown in the West, the stone needle, also called Bianshi (or Bian Shi), is a traditional Chinese medicine remedy still used today in some hospitals. It is a highly magnetic stone with many healing properties, including the ability to promote relaxation and stress relief.
So, that's six stones that I advise you to wear to fight stress everyday. There are many others of course!

And you, what stones would you recommend to fight against stress? And how do you use them?

Looking forward to reading you, each contribution will help our readers. Thank you and see you soon.

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Comments (3)

    • Simon H
    • 2019-03-26 16:18:04
    Merci pour cet article. Personnellement, j'utilise la sodalite qui est vraiment efficace pour rester "zen" ! Cdlt, Simon
    • Nicole
    • 2019-09-19 18:09:28
    Bonjour, je viens de découvrir votre site et j'en suis ravie faites vous des bijoux sur la demande svp ??? Je désire pour ma petite fille (30ans) qui a un travail difficile et stressant un bijou pas trop cher qui lui enlève le stress et les angoisses (jeunesse difficile sans parent présent) lui donne confiance en elle et qui l'aide à trouver un compagnon attentif et aimant Merci pour votre réponse
    • Kalya - Coco Papaya
    • 2019-10-05 11:32:21
    Bonjour, Merci pour votre message. Nous ne faisons pas de bijoux sur mesure, mais je peux tout de même répondre à vos questions ! Pour le travail, je recommande la sodalite et la fluorite. Pour le stress et les angoisses, la meilleur pierre est certainement l'améthyste. Pour la confiance en soi, l'oeil de tigre et le lapis lazuli. Et enfin, pour trouver l'amour, le quartz rose et la rhodochrosite. Elle peut porter certaines pierres en bijoux, puis en placer d'autres dans son environnement proche (au bureau, à la maison...), se confectionner des élixirs, et enfin pratiquer la méditation avec les pierres. Nous allons bientôt proposer un guide de lithothérapie très complet qui vous donnera plein de conseils ! A très vite. Kalya de Coco Papaya
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