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Free option "I choose my product based on a photo"
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Free option "I choose my decoration on photo"

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Click the "Add to Cart" button to add this free option to your order. See conditions below.

Choose your decorative objects for free on a photo!

Our handcrafted decorative objects are all unique pieces because they are handmade, and therefore differences in appearance are possible compared to the models presented in our online shop.

Do you want to choose your decorative object from the photo before we send it to you? It's possible and it's FREE.

How to do it? It's very simple:

  1. Add the free option "I choose my decoration on photo" to your cart by clicking on the "Add to cart" button above.
  2. The option appears in your shopping cart, at a price of €0. Complete your order online.
  3. Once your order has been validated and paid, we will contact you within 24 working hours* by Whatsapp, e-mail or SMS to offer you the opportunity to choose your eligible decorative objects* using photos provided by us. You will be able to choose from 1 to 3 models depending on available stocks.
  4. You reply to our message by telling us your choice. We will dispatch your order immediately.

Satisfaction guaranteed when the package is unpacked!

You will receive exactly the decorative object you have chosen on the photo: no unpleasant surprises when you receive your order!

* To find out all the conditions of application of the free option "I choose my decoration on photo", go to the " more info" section on this same page.

Conditions of application of the free option "I choose my decoration on photo"

Important: delivery times

The free option "I choose my decoration on photo" can postpone the delivery date of your order by about 24 hours, the time it takes for us to send you the photos and collect your choice. Take this discrepancy into account in the case of a rush order, or if your purchase is for a gift to give for example.

If you add the option "I choose my decoration on photo" to your cart, Express carriers will not be offered to you at the stage of choosing the delivery method, as it will not be possible to do the necessary in a sufficiently short time.

When will I receive the photos that will allow me to choose my decorative object?

Your order is validated, paid, and includes the free option "I choose my decoration on photo"?

If these conditions are met, we will contact you within 24 working hours by Whatsapp, email or SMS and offer you photos of 1-3 models of each eligible item you have ordered, in order to collect your choice.

Our offices are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Therefore, if you placed your order over the weekend, you will have to wait until Monday before receiving our message and photos of eligible items.

Which products are eligible?

The free option "I choose my decoration on photo" can be activated for all eligible decorative objects, recognizable by the "camera" pictogram displayed on the product page.

The following are not eligible :

  • jewellery and fashion accessories;
  • lithotherapy stones, crystals and minerals;
  • jewellery displays;
  • standard items such as hygiene and beauty products, home fragrances, massage and wellness items;
  • decorative objects that do not bear the "camera" pictogram.

Therefore, if you have activated the free option "I choose my decoration on photo" when ordering, Coco Papaya will offer you to choose from photo only the eligible item(s). Under no circumstances will you be offered to choose an ineligible item based on a photo.

Who is eligible?

The free "I choose my decoration on photo" option is available to all our customers, in all countries where we deliver, and in all languages. We use an automatic translator when exchanging messages with you.

What if I don't like the objects that are offered to me in photos?

Don't worry, we've got you covered!

If you don't like the products we have offered in the photo, we will not ship your package until we have found a solution with you. Here are the possible solutions in this situation:

  1. We offer you to choose from other models that we photograph for you free of charge (subject to stock availability).
  2. If no alternative is suitable for you, we will update your order and provide you with a full refund for the unwanted item(s). You are not responsible for any fees.

In the event of cancellation of an order before shipment of a product eligible for the "I choose my decoration on photo" option, the shipping costs of your order will be recalculated according to our current rates. We will inform you and ask for your consent before shipment.

What if I return?

Subscribing to the free option "I choose my decoration on a photo" modifies the sales contract concluded between Coco Papaya and you.

If this free option is subscribed to when placing an order, the eligible item(s) ordered are considered as personalized products, and as such, the right of withdrawal is void.

Do you have a question? The Coco Papaya team is at your disposal for any information!

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