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Large Seated Buddha Statue 80cm | Hand Carved Wood
Large Seated Buddha Statue 80cm | Hand Carved Wood
Large Seated Buddha Statue 80cm | Hand Carved Wood

Large Seated Buddha Statue 80cm | Hand Carved Wood

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Stunning handcrafted sculpture of seated Buddha 80cm

Dimensions: Height 80cm x width 50cm x depth 25cm approximately. Weight: 20kg approx. Material: solid exotic wood (Suar) with a tinted wax finish (wood from forests managed by an environmental protection organization). Handcrafted creation imported in compliance with fair trade rules: slight differences in colour and appearance are possible compared to the model photographed.

Immerse yourself in serenity with this beautiful seated Buddha statue. A symbol of peace and spirituality , the presence of a Buddha statue in your home will create an atmosphere of calm and serenity, conducive to meditation and reflection.

Each statue is carefully hand-carved by skilled artisans, making it a unique and authentic piece. Made from high-quality wood, this statue is designed to last over time and beautify your living space for years to come. The graceful silhouette and intricately carved details of this Buddha statue add a touch of elegance and refinement to any interior. With its large size, this Buddha will immediately become the focal point of any room, capturing attention and inspiring contemplation.

Bring Zen into your home

Follow these tips for creating a Zen space with a Buddha statue :

  • Choose a suitable location: Find a quiet and peaceful place where you can place your Buddha statue. Ideally, this space should be clutter-free and have soothing natural light.
  • Select the right statue: Choose a Buddha statue that matches your style and the mood you want to create. Whether you prefer a sitting, standing, or lying statue, make sure it's proportionate to the available space and made of a material that resonates with you, such as wood, stone, or resin.
  • Create a calming atmosphere: Use décor elements that promote relaxation and tranquility, such as meditation cushions, soft rugs, soft blankets, or light curtains. Avoid bright colours and aggressive patterns, and instead opt for neutral tones and natural textures.
  • Create soft lighting: Opt for subdued and calming lighting, with mood lamps, string lights or scented candles. The soft light will help create a relaxing and meditative atmosphere.

By following these steps, you can create a harmonious and inspiring Zen space, where you can recharge and find inner peace in your daily life. We are confident that you will be enchanted by the beauty and quality of this magnificent large-format Buddha statue.

Une pièce d'exception pour les connaisseurs passionnés. Cette statue de Bouddha est l'oeuvre d'un artiste balinais au talent exceptionnel. Elle a été entièrement sculptée main dans une seule pièce de bois.
Dimensions of the statue: height 80cm x width 50cm x depth 25cm approximately. Weight 20Kg approximately.
This article may present imperfections and differences in appearance compared to the photographed model, proof of its artisanal origin and its authenticity.
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Zen Buddhas
BUDA45078 B4

Coco Papaya presents Villa Métisse, its new interior and exterior decoration brand, created in 2023.

Natural materials and craftsmanship are the 2 main sources of inspiration for the brand to design its exclusive range of decorative objects with cosmopolitan accents.

In perfect harmony with current trends such as ethnic chic style or Bohemian atmospheres, Villa Métisse creations are designed so that decoration rhymes with serenity.

Basketry, different species of wood, bamboo, mother-of-pearl, brass, and many other noble materials are in the spotlight in the collections. But the real stars are the craftsmen who work them! Their virtuosity and the unlimited creativity that animate them, give birth to rare and authentic objects that bring a real extra soul.

In the era of all industrial, the handmade is gaining nobility. In our modern and hyper-connected interiors, inviting nature and the objects inspired by it is like taking a breath of fresh air...

Here a little wall decoration, then there, a pretty sculpture or an unusual object way "cabinet of curiosities"... No need to accumulate, bet on quality and authenticity to preserve the style and originality of your decoration.

Decoration can be thought of as a source of well-being and emotional release. Natural and warm colors, patterns inspired by ancestral traditions, and original creations that tell a story: this is the proposal of the Villa Métisse brand to make your living space an inspiring and soothing place.

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