Seated Buddha Statue 40cm - Hand Carved Solid Wood
Seated Buddha Statue 40cm - Hand Carved Solid Wood
Seated Buddha Statue 40cm - Hand Carved Solid Wood
Seated Buddha Statue 40cm - Hand Carved Solid Wood

Seated Buddha Statue 40cm - Hand Carved Solid Wood

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The Thinking Buddha, an invitation to contemplation

Dimensions: height 40 x width 26 x depth 14cm approximately. Material: Suar wood from forests managed by an environmental protection organization. Brown tinted wax finish. Handcrafted wood carving imported in compliance with fair trade rules. Some differences in appearance are possible compared to the model photographed.

An authentic wood carving finely chiseled by hand

The highlight of this statue is that it is a unique piece that is entirely hand-carved.

The perceived quality is incomparable compared to industrial statues made of resin or cement. One immediately notices the work of the human hand, and one never tires of observing the innumerable details of sculpture.

Find a place in your home for this superb 40cm high wooden thinking Buddha, and let the magic happen. Be warned: you'll regularly have to answer questions like, "This statue is really beautiful, where did you find it?"

Contemplation in Buddhism

In Buddhism, contemplation is central to spiritual practice because it cultivates wisdom and inner peace.

Contemplation is defined as the attentive and meditative observation of reality as it is, without judgment or attachment. By focusing on internal and external phenomena, practitioners are encouraged to develop a clear awareness and deep understanding of the impermanent nature of all things.

Contemplation in Buddhism is not limited to personal introspection, but also includes reflection on the Buddha's teachings, which invite us to examine the nature of suffering, impermanence, and not-self.

Through contemplation, followers of Buddhism aspire to transcend the illusions of the ego and perceive ultimate reality, thus leading to greater inner harmony and spiritual awakening.

By cultivating mindfulness and deep understanding, contemplation offers practitioners the opportunity to develop heightened mental clarity, universal compassion, and freedom from suffering, guiding them on the path to awakening and spiritual realization.

The thinking Buddha, as represented by this statue, is an embodiment of Buddhist contemplation. He invites us to follow His teachings in order to find the path to a more fulfilled life.

Taking a break, lighting a natural handcrafted incense stick, and meditating on Buddha's teachings and what they can do for us on a daily basis only takes a few minutes. Have you tried it yet?

This imposing 40cm Thinking Buddha is a handcrafted wood sculpture imported from Asia by us. Each piece is unique and required several hours of meticulous work. Style and authenticity guaranteed!
Height 40 x Width 26 x Depth 14cm approx.
This article may present imperfections and differences in appearance compared to the photographed model, proof of its artisanal origin and its authenticity.
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