Wooden Buddha Statue Handcrafted Mûdra Education Argumentation
Wooden Buddha Statue Handcrafted Mûdra Education Argumentation
Wooden Buddha Statue Handcrafted Mûdra Education Argumentation
Wooden Buddha Statue Handcrafted Mûdra Education Argumentation

Seated Buddha statue in solid wood hand carved 20cm - Mudrā of Teaching and Argumentation

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Wooden Meditation Buddha: Mudrā of the Teaching

Dimensions: Height 20 x Width 20 x Depth 10 cm approximately. Material: Suar wood from forests managed by an environmental protection organization. Handcrafted creation imported in compliance with fair trade rules. Each piece is unique.

Your Zen Decoration Deserves True Asian Craftsmanship

Forget about resin prints and treat yourself to an authentic Buddha statuette directly imported from Asia. This wood sculpture is a true masterpiece, entirely hand-carved in a noble Asian wood: Suar. You will never tire of contemplating it and observing its countless details!

Buddhist culture includes various mudrās: these are the gestural expressions of Buddha's hands. Each mudrā has a specific meaning.

Buddha is seated here in the lotus position and adopts the posture called Vitarka Mudrā, the Mudrā of Teaching and Argumentation: the right hand is raised to the level of the chest and the thumb forms a circle with the index finger, the other fingers being raised.

The Different Mudras in Buddhist Culture

A mudrā is a symbolic gesture or ritual practiced in Hindu and Buddhist spiritual and religious traditions.

A mudrā is characterized by specific gestures of the hands and fingers, as well as the posture of the body. Mudras are used to promote concentration, meditation, healing, or communication of certain emotions.

In spiritual practices like yoga, mudrās are seen as powerful ways to channel energy and establish a connection between body, mind, and soul. Here are the most well-known mudrās:

  • Anjali Mudra: The palms of the hands pressed together in front of the heart, symbolizing respect and gratitude.
  • Gyan Mudra: The tip of the thumb touching the tip of the index finger, promoting concentration and wisdom.
  • Chin Mudra: The tip of the thumb touching the tip of the index finger, the other fingers extended, promoting concentration and meditation.
  • Dhyana Mudra: Hands resting on knees in a meditative posture, promoting concentration and contemplation.
  • Abhaya Mudra: The hand raised, palm facing outwards, symbolizing protection and courage.
  • Varada Mudra: The hand outstretched downwards, palm outwards, symbolizing compassion and generosity.
  • Karana Mudra: The gesture of dispelling evil, with the index finger and little finger pointing upwards, the other fingers folded.
  • Vitarka Mudra: The gesture of discussion, with the index finger and thumb touching, symbolizes the transmission of knowledge, teaching and argumentation.
  • Dharmachakra Mudra: The two hands in a wheel-like gesture, symbolizing the transmission of the Dharma teaching.
  • Bhumisparsha Mudra: The right hand touching the earth, symbolizing spiritual enlightenment and the realization of enlightenment.

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This wooden statue was carved by a Balinese craftsman with whom we have been working for 15 years. Buddha is represented in Vitarka Mudra posture, known as the teaching of doctrine.
Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 10 cm approximately.
This article may present imperfections and differences in appearance compared to the photographed model, proof of its artisanal origin and its authenticity.
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