Wooden seated Buddha statuette lotus position, cheap purchase.
Wooden seated Buddha statuette lotus position, cheap purchase.
Wooden seated Buddha statuette lotus position, cheap purchase.
Wooden seated Buddha statuette lotus position, cheap purchase.

Seated Buddha Statue in Lotus Position - Hand Carved Solid Wood 20cm

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Beautiful hand-carved wooden meditating Buddha statue.

Dimensions: height 20 x width 20 x depth 12cm approximately. Material: Suar wood from forests managed by an environmental protection organization. Handcrafted creation imported in compliance with fair trade rules. Slight imperfections and differences in appearance are possible compared to the photographed model, testifying to the authenticity of each piece.

Forget about industrial copies: your décor deserves real craftsmanship

This statuette is a true masterpiece of wood carving, as it has been entirely hand-carved by one of our partner craftsmen. Observe the many details and the finesse of the whole.

This artisanal origin gives each statue a uniqueness that is unattainable for industrial resin creations, and this for a very reasonable price.

Buddha is depicted here seated in the Lotus position. His style is inspired by Burmese Buddhas. The right hand rests in the left hand, palm in the air and the 2 thumbs brush against each other: this is the Dhyana mudra, a posture of concentration and meditation often practiced by Yoga practitioners.

The Dhyana Mudra Posture in Buddhism and Yoga

The Dhyana Mudra is an iconic posture in yoga and meditation, used to promote focus, mental clarity, and spiritual upliftment. Hands rest on knees or thighs, palms facing up, thumbs and index fingers touching to form a circle.

This posture promotes interiorization and contemplation, allowing the practitioner to dive deeper into their mind and reach a more intense meditative state. The Dhyana Mudra symbolizes the union of the individual self with the universal self, thus embodying the very essence of meditative practice in yoga.

Like all mudras, Dhyana comes to us from Buddhism where it evokes the quest for enlightenment and inner wisdom, as well as the calmness and stability of mind necessary to achieve these goals in Buddhist practice. Dhyana is one of the sacred mudras in which the Buddha is very frequently depicted.

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A beautiful wooden Buddha statuette entirely hand-carved in Asia. Play the card of artisanal authenticity for your Zen decoration!
Dimensions: height 20 x 20 x 12cm approximately.
This article may present imperfections and differences in appearance compared to the photographed model, proof of its artisanal origin and its authenticity.
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