Laughing Chinese Buddha statue in carved wood 40cm
Laughing Chinese Buddha statue carved 40cm from back other view left side
Laughing Chinese Buddha statue in carved wood 40cm from back
Laughing Wooden Chinese Buddha Statue carved 40cm back right side
Laughing Chinese Buddha statue carved wood 40cm other view

Laughing Chinese Buddha statue in carved wood 40cm

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Large wooden sculpture depicting the Laughing Buddha

Dimensions: height 40cm x width 36cm x depth 23mapproximately. Weight: about 9kg. Material: Suar wood from forests managed by an environmental protection organization. Brown wax finish.

This splendid statue represents the Laughing Buddha or Happy Buddha,famous character of Chinese and Japanese folklore. Budai, that is its Chinese name, is particularly appreciated by traders because it represents fortune and abundance.

Commonly called Milefo, this character is considered in China as a god of fortune, while in Japan he is one of the seven gods of happiness. Some Buddhists consider him the "Maitreya Buddha", i.e. the Buddha of the future.

At Coco Payapa, we favor artisanal work: our products can have certain imperfections, slight variations in hues, appearance and dimensions. All the charm of craftsmanship!

Treat yourself to an exceptional sculpture!

In the Chinese tradition, this lucky statue is intended to radiate the communicative joy of the laughing Buddha.  Depicted bald and corpulent, with a widely exposed belly, he embodies the ideals of a good life: health, happiness, prosperity and longevity.

This imposing statue of the Laughing Buddha was carved by hand in a single piece of solid wood! A real work of art from Asia and more particularly from the island of Bali. 

Zoom on the wood of Suar.

The Wood of Suar used for this sculpture is a noble exotic wood with a very light blond / beige tint. The wood has been waxed here to get that pretty brown color.

This statue is ideal for interior decoration. For outdoor exposure, possible but not recommended, precautions are to be expected: in particular the application of two layers of high protection lasure to protect the wood from the weather.

 Bois issu de forêts replantés The wood used to sculpt this statue comes from forests managed by a government environmental protection agency (more precisely from planted forests).

Commerce équitable artisanat coco papaya This statue comes from an ethical and fair trade. We buy the statue from the sculptor himself, without intermediary, and at the price he has set, which allows him to live with dignity from his work.

entreprise française coco papaya Coco Papaya is a French company specializing in the crafts of the world since 2003.

This lucky statue is intended to radiate the communicative joy of the laughing Buddha, who embodies the ideals of a good life: health, happiness and prosperity.
Cette imposante statue a été sculptée artisanalement dans une seule pièce de bois massif !
This article may present imperfections and differences in appearance compared to the photographed model, proof of its artisanal origin and its authenticity.
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