Thinking Buddha Statue 30cm - Hand Carved Solid Wood
Thinking Buddha Statue 30cm - Hand Carved Solid Wood
Thinking Buddha Statue 30cm - Hand Carved Solid Wood
Thinking Buddha Statue 30cm - Hand Carved Solid Wood

Thinking Buddha Statue 30cm - Hand Carved Solid Wood

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Handcrafted "Meditative Buddha" statue made of suar wood

  • Dimensions: Height 30 x Width 23 x Depth 12 cm approx.
  • Material: Suar wood from forests managed by an environmental protection organization. Tinted wax finish.
  • Handcrafted creation imported in compliance with fair trade rules: some differences in appearance are possible compared to the model photographed.

The centerpiece of your haven of peace

Do you want to create a space of relaxation and serenity in your home? This statue is the ideal decorative element to bring a touch of authenticity and spirituality to your interior. Hand-carved from suar wood, this work of art is a testament to the craftsman's talent and fervour, as well as his remarkable craftsmanship.

Buddha is depicted here in a posture of deep meditation, embodying the tranquility and inner reflection specific to Buddhist philosophy.

All you have to do is install this statue in your living space and let yourself be impregnated by its soothing aura. Get ready to receive many compliments from your guests, who are amazed by the beauty and originality of this handcrafted piece.

Ideal for a Zen decoration

This beautiful wood carving is an immediate eye-catcher and inspires well-being.

Suar is a noble wood from tropical regions of the planet (South America, Asia, Oceania). Hard, and very dense, it allows the development of particularly fine and detailed sculptures, such as this Buddha.

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This statue was made by an experienced sculptor and required several hours of work. An authentic wood sculpture that immediately catches the eye, and illuminates your interior decoration by adding a Zen touch.
Height 30 x width 23 x depth approx. 12 cm
This article may present imperfections and differences in appearance compared to the photographed model, proof of its artisanal origin and its authenticity.
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Handcrafted and fair
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Zen Buddhas
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