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The 3 monkeys "secret of happiness"....
The 3 monkeys "secret of happiness"....
The 3 monkeys "secret of happiness"....

The 3 monkeys "secret of happiness". Solid wood statuettes 10cm

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Trio of wooden statuettes depicting the 3 Monkeys of Wisdom

Dimensions: height 10cm x width 8cm x depth 8cm approx (each monkey). The 3 monkeys are sold together. Material: suar wood from forests planted and managed by an environmental protection organization, tinted wax finish. Handcrafted creation imported in compliance with fair trade rules. Slight differences in appearance and color are possible compared to the model pictured, testifying to the authenticity of each piece.

A decorative trilogy with a precious spiritual message

Succumb to the charm of craftsmanship and adopt these three elegant statuettes representing the three monkeys of wisdom, an emblematic trilogy that will seduce lovers of art and oriental wisdom.

These statuettes, each 10cm high, are entirely hand-chiseled, and testify to the unique know-how of our artisan woodcarver, with whom we have been working since 2003.

A pictorial symbol of Buddhist philosophy, the three wisdom monkeys are represented here in their traditional posture: one covers his eyes so as not to see evil, the other covers his ears so as not to hear evil, and the third covers his mouth so as not to say evil.

Each of the 3 statuettes is carefully carved in a single piece of suar wood, a noble and durable wood that allows the creation of very detailed sculptures. From the facial features to the monkeys' coat, hands and feet, the rendering is full of style and character.

More than just a decorative object, this trilogy is a unique work of art that invites reflection and meditation on the values of respect, tolerance and wisdom.

Choose authenticity and quality craftsmanship, and contribute to the preservation of rare know-how, while adding a singular object, charged with spirituality and symbolism, to your living space.

The Secret of Eternal Love

The three wisdom monkeys are sometimes referred to as the "secret of eternal love" because they represent the three fundamental attitudes for maintaining a harmonious and long-lasting romantic relationship.

The first monkey, who covers his eyes, represents the importance of not dwelling on the faults of the other, of not focusing on his imperfections, but rather of looking at his qualities and virtues.

The second monkey, who plugs his ears, urges us not to listen to rumors and malicious criticism, which can damage the relationship and create tension. Instead, he encourages us to listen to others with kindness and understanding, and to communicate constructively.

The third monkey, who covers his mouth, suggests that we not say hurtful or malicious words, which can cause harm to our spouse and the relationship. It also invites you to speak with gentleness and respect, and to express your feelings with sincerity and honesty.

In sum, the three monkeys of wisdom teach us that eternal love is based on tolerance, understanding, respect, and caring communication. By adopting these attitudes, we can preserve harmony and complicity in the couple, and make love last forever.

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The monkeys of wisdom advise us to "see nothing, hear nothing, and say nothing bad." Whoever follows this counsel will experience eternal happiness. These 3 handcrafted wood carvings are the most beautiful expression of this belief.
Height 10 x width 8 x depth 8cm approximately (each monkey). The 3 statuettes are sold together and not available separately.
This article may present imperfections and differences in appearance compared to the photographed model, proof of its artisanal origin and its authenticity.
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