Imported wooden Maori tiki mask. Buy cheap totem.
Imported wooden Maori tiki mask. Buy cheap totem.

Tiki mask 50cm in solid wood. Homemade

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Traditional Polynesian Tiki Mask in Hand Carved and Painted Wood

Dimensions: height 50 x width 14 x depth 6cm approximately. Wall clip included on the back. Material: Albizia wood from forests planted and managed by an environmental protection organization. Handcrafted creation imported in compliance with fair trade rules. Slight differences in appearance or color are possible compared to the model photographed.

This authentic wooden Tiki mask has been handcrafted with respect for tradition and this is precisely what gives it its inimitable style. Carved and then painted by hand in a single piece of wood, it is of very good quality, and quite representative of Polynesian art.

Tiki is a god of Polynesian cosmology. This is Ku, the Hawaiian god of war. His grimacing face is meant to scare away evil spirits! This is why its presence in the home is considered a true protective talisman.

Find a place for it in your home and let the magic happen!

The Legend of Kana and Nalani

Once upon a time, in the Hawaiian Islands, there was a young man named Kana.

Kana was a talented fisherman, who spent his days sailing the ocean to catch fish. One day, while fishing near the coast, he saw a beautiful woman swimming in the water. She had hair as black as night and eyes as blue as the ocean. Kana immediately fell in love with her.

The woman's name was Nalani, and she was a mermaid. Nalani and Kana fell in love at first sight and spent a lot of time together, swimming and playing in the ocean. However, Nalani was soon to return to her underwater kingdom, but she couldn't take Kana with her.

Kana was distraught at the thought of losing Nalani, and he begged the gods to help him find her. The gods heard his prayer and gave him a magical seashell, which allowed him to breathe underwater and find Nalani.

Kana plunged into the ocean with the magic shell, and swam to the underwater kingdom of Nalani. There he was warmly welcomed by Nalani and his family, and lived with them for many years, happy and in love.

However, one day, Kana began to feel the need to visit her family and friends on dry land. He decided to go visit them, but he couldn't take Nalani with him. Nalani was sad to see him go, but she understood his decision and gave him a necklace of shells to remember her.

Kana returned to her island, and told her story to her family and friends. They were amazed by his underwater adventure, and by the sublime necklace of shells that Nalani had given him.

Since that day, the seashell necklace has become a symbol of love and protection in Hawaii. It is said that wearing a shell necklace protects against evil spirits, brings luck and love.

To this day, in Hawaii, the story of Kana and Nalani, the mermaid, is told as a legend of love and adventure.

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Traditional Tiki mask in solid wood carved and painted by hand. The tiki is a half-man, half-god of the Polynesian tradition. Like a talisman, it confers power, strength and protection against danger.
Height 50 x Width 14 x Depth 6cm approximately. A fastener is present at the back to easily hang the mask.
This article may present imperfections and differences in appearance compared to the photographed model, proof of its artisanal origin and its authenticity.
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