Brown and white leopard print glass vase 30cm
Brown and white leopard print glass vase 30cm
Brown and white leopard print glass vase 30cm
Brown and white leopard print glass vase 30cm

Large Leopard Print Amphora Vase in Glass 30cm

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An "amphora" vase with a timeless style to highlight your bouquets

Dimensions: Height 30cm x Vase Diameter 18cm x Vase Opening Diameter 10cm Approx. Weight: 1kg800 approx. Material: glass

This beautiful amphora-shaped vase is an original creation by the designers of the HouseVitamin brand. It will harmonize in your contemporary, ethnic or modern style interior decoration, while adding a touch of chic elegance!

Inspired by the leopard's coat, it is ideal for large bouquets of fresh or dried flowers, or even to accommodate a few wildflowers. Place it prominently in your hallway or living room, for example, and observe the result: it's as if its destiny was to arrive at your home!

A pretty vase = an infinite number of decorating ideas!

The best designers are those who know how to reinvent everyday objects and turn them into something new and surprising.

Classic in shape, yet chic in style, this vase is perfect for showcasing your favorite flowers. Our advice: Cut them into different heights, to emphasize the shapes and colors.

Its amphora-like shape and leopard spots worked into the clear glass give it character and a truly captivating texture. Why not take the opportunity to invite the savannah theme into your décor? Find inspiration at Coco Papaya with, for example, our collection of statues and decorative objects on the theme of the Zebra.

Because we can never have enough vases (or flowers), you have here an ideal object to offer in all circumstances! This gift will prove useful for its recipient and its wild and chic look is sure to be a hit!

This large leopard print amphora vase is ideal for large bouquets of fresh or dried flowers. We love its chic and wild design, totally timeless.
hauteur 30cm x diamètre du vase 18cm x diamètre de l'ouverture du vase 10 cm
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brown / chocolate, transparent
Tigers & leopards

HouseVitamin: Art Deco Reinvented

HouseVitamin is an iconic home décor brand that celebrates originality and creativity in every home.

Discover their world where art is expressed with force, and where each object becomes a masterpiece of style. With a passion for bold design and a touch of humor, HouseVitamin transforms your home into a vibrant and unique space.

The Quirky and Trendy Universe of HouseVitamin

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A Unique and Timeless Style

We all fall in love with the HouseVitamine style, which is both quirky and trendy, and which transcends ephemeral fashions.

The subtle combination of gold, black and white, powdered or lacquered finishes creates a chic and sophisticated palette that fits perfectly into any interior by giving it a contemporary touch.

Selected materials

The HouseVitamin brand brings your ideas to life using premium materials. Metal imparts timeless elegance, while resin offers versatility that translates into impeccable details on every piece.

Each HouseVitamin creation is the result of an artistic fusion expertly orchestrated by inspired designers!

Create Your Own Decorating Story

HouseVitamin doesn't just offer decorative objects, but rather an opportunity to create a unique decorative story that suits you.

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HouseVitamin helps you to enhance your décor!

Each HouseVitamin piece is the result of a constant search for quality and innovative design. Turn your home into a work of art with HouseVitamin, where every detail counts and interior design becomes a real passion.

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