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Himalayan salt crystal lamp 5-7Kg
Himalayan salt crystal lamp 5-7Kg
Himalayan salt crystal lamp 5-7Kg
Himalayan Salt Lamp Rough 5 to 7Kg

Himalayan Salt Lamp Rough 5 to 7Kg

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All the benefits of the salt lamp with this large model from 5 to 7kg

Total lamp dimensions: Height 27cm x diameter 15cm approx. Total weight of lamp: approx. 5 to 7kg. Materials: Himalayan salt crystal and acacia wood base with cellulose varnish finish. Delivered complete and ready to use with its electric cord + socket + CE-compliant switch (European plug) + 1 x 15W 220-240V bulb (E14 base). Handcrafted from 100% natural Himalayan salt crystal: slight differences in appearance may occur compared to the model shown: each salt lamp is a unique piece, but always of equivalent quality.

Why use a salt lamp?

Himalayan salt crystal has been used for decades in the manufacture of salt lamps, and its success continues to grow. And why? Mainly because its benefits are appreciated by most users who have tried it:

  • the salt lamp diffuses a pleasant orange light that creates a relaxing, harmonious atmosphere in the room in which it is placed. In a bedroom, it can help you fall asleep more easily.
  • When heated by the bulb, the salt crystal emits negative ions that attract and neutralize positively charged particles such as dust, but also certain allergens and indoor air pollutants. The salt lamp can therefore be used to purify indoor air.
  • The larger the salt lamp, the greater its ionizing power. A large salt lamp weighing between 5 and 7 kg is sufficient for a large room of around 20 square meters.

Where to place a salt lamp in the home?

The salt lamp is a decorative object. As such, you can place it in any room of your home. It is not, however, designed for outdoor use.

In which room of the house is the salt lamp best placed?

The salt lamp diffuses a subdued pink-orange light that creates a calm, relaxing atmosphere. It is therefore advisable to place it in a room where this type of atmosphere is desired.

What's more, because of its ionizing action, the salt lamp is often used to purify indoor air: the negative ions it emits neutralize dust, allergens and pollutants. You can therefore place the salt lamp in the room of your choice with this effect in mind.

Placing a salt lamp in a bedroom

The bedroom is a particularly interesting room in which to place a salt lamp, as it's the ideal place to enjoy its main benefits. It will have a positive influence on both sleep and air quality.

For these reasons, salt lamps are often used as nightlights in children's bedrooms.

Putting a salt lamp in an office

The office is also a suitable room for a salt lamp, as its soft, warm light promotes calm and concentration, while reducing feelings of stress or anxiety. Its ionizing and depolluting action is also appreciated.

However, it's not always enough as the main light source. For activities such as reading or writing, you'll also need more direct lighting.

Putting a salt lamp in the living room

The living room is another room in which it's a good idea to place a salt lamp. In the evening, its indirect lighting provides the ideal transition to the night. And its purifying action is also useful for de-polluting or deodorizing the ambient air.

What's more, Himalayan salt crystal is also appreciated for its ability to absorb the electromagnetic waves emitted by some of our everyday appliances (TV, Wifi, 5g...). The living room is a room where such devices are often present, so the salt lamp will be all the more useful there.

In which room should a salt lamp be avoided?

Himalayan salt crystal can dissolve or oxidize and change color when in prolonged contact with humidity. It is therefore strongly recommended not to place a salt lamp in a damp room, such as a bathroom.

Another precaution to take when placing a salt lamp in your home is to find a stable, sufficiently large location for it: salt lamps are heavy (this model weighs up to 7kg), and can injure people if they fall.

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Material: Himalayan salt crystal and acacia wood base with cellulosic varnish finish. Lamp delivered complete and ready to use with its electrical cord + socket + switch to CE standards (European plug) + 1 bulb 15W 220-240V (cu
Hauteur 23.5cm x largeur 20cm x profondeur 10cm environ. Diamètre du cristal de sel: 20cm. Profondeur du cristal de sel 7cm
This article may present imperfections and differences in appearance compared to the photographed model, proof of its artisanal origin and its authenticity.
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Decoration, Well-being / Relaxation
Salt Crystal
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Anti-stress and relaxation, Protection / healing / purification

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The Esoterra brand is a contraction of the Spanish terms "esoterismo", meaning esotericism, and "terra", the earth. This neologism could therefore be translated as "Earth of Esoterism".

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