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Himalayan Salt Lamp Fleur de Vie motif 5Kg
Himalayan Salt Lamp Fleur de Vie motif 5Kg
Himalayan Salt Lamp Fleur de Vie motif 5Kg

Himalayan Salt Lamp Fleur de Vie motif 5Kg

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The benefits of the salt lamp, combined with the symbolism of the flower of life.

Total lamp dimensions: Height 23.5cm x width 20cm x depth 10cm approx. Diameter of salt crystal alone: approx. 20cm. Depth of salt crystal alone: approx. 7cm. Total lamp weight: approx. 5Kg. Materials: Himalayan salt crystal and acacia wood with cellulose varnish finish. Delivered complete and ready to use with its electric cord + socket + switch to CE standards (European plug) + 1 bulb 15W 220-240V (E14 base).

Why use the Fleur de Vie salt lamp?

Himalayan salt crystal has been used for decades in the manufacture of salt lamps, whose success continues to grow. Why is this so? Mainly because its benefits are appreciated by most users who have tried it:

  • the salt lamp diffuses a pleasant orange light that creates a relaxing, harmonious atmosphere in the room in which it is placed. In a bedroom, it can help you fall asleep more easily.
  • When heated by the bulb, the Himalayan salt crystal emits negative ions that attract and neutralize positively charged particles such as dust, but also certain allergens and indoor air pollutants. The salt lamp can therefore be used to purify indoor air.
  • The perfect geometry of the fleur de vie helps to harmonize and balance the energies of a space.

Origin and meaning of the Fleur de Vie

The Fleur de Vie is a complex geometrical pattern of multiple intersecting circles forming a flower-like figure.

Its origins date back thousands of years, and it has been used in many cultures and traditions around the world, notably in art, architecture and spirituality.

The Flower of Life is particularly associated with the ancient Egyptian civilization, where it has been found engraved on temple walls and in ancient tombs (6 millennia BC). However, it is also present in other ancient cultures such as Sumerian, Greek, Chinese and Indian, where it has become an important symbol of Ayurveda.

The significance of the Flower of Life varies according to beliefs and interpretations. Here are some of the meanings most often associated with it:

Symbol of Creation

The Flower of Life is often interpreted as representing the very essence of creation and the universe. The intersecting circles symbolize the interconnectedness of all things in existence.

Symbolizing life and growth

The organic, dynamic form of the Fleur de Vie is sometimes seen as representing life, growth and constant evolution.

Symbol of Harmony and Balance

Some believe that the Fleur de Vie contains proportions and geometric ratios that are in perfect harmony with the laws of the universe. The energies it diffuses are said to promote balance and harmony wherever it is present.

The spiritual symbol par excellence

More generally, the Fleur de Vie is regarded as a powerful spiritual symbol that can help raise consciousness and encourage meditation and connection with the divine or with one's own inner self.

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Material: Himalayan salt crystal and acacia wood with cellulosic varnish finish. Lamp delivered complete and ready to use with its electrical cord + socket + switch to CE standards (European plug) + 1 bulb 15W 220-240V (E14 base).
Hauteur 23.5cm x largeur 20cm x profondeur 10cm environ. Diamètre du cristal de sel: 20cm. Profondeur du cristal de sel 7cm
This article may present imperfections and differences in appearance compared to the photographed model, proof of its artisanal origin and its authenticity.
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Decoration, Well-being / Relaxation
Salt Crystal
orange, pink
Patterns & Symbols
Flower of Life
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Anti-stress and relaxation, Protection / healing / purification

Esoterra, when the earth provides the resources for our well-being

The Esoterra brand is a contraction of the Spanish terms "esoterismo", meaning esotericism, and "terra", the earth. This neologism could therefore be translated as "Earth of Esoterism".

Finally, this brand name is well chosen, as Esoterra offers a range of objects made from natural materials, such as salt lamps, which are obtained from large Himalayan salt crystals.

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