The rock crystal arranged on the flower of life reloading plate
Contents of the reload purification kit
The Complete Reload Purification Kit
The Complete Reload Purification Kit
Tiger's eye rolled stones being purified and reloaded
A lithotherapy bracelet being purified and reloaded

Lithotherapy Stones Purification and Reloading Kit

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The essential kit to purify and recharge your lithotherapy stones and jewelry

Contents of the kit

  • 1 reloading plate "Flower of life" in cork and printed paper glossy finish (diameter 10cm, thickness 3mm).
  • 1 lot of rolled stones in natural rock crystal (Weight = 50g approximately. Quality AB)
  • 1 fabric carrying pouch (random color)
  • Other accessories present on photos not included.

The beneficial energy of stones helps us on a daily basis, but if we do nothing, it weakens little by little. If you feel this with your stones, it is a sign that they need to be purified and recharged. This clever kit will allow you to perform this maintenance easily for all your stones and even your lithotherapy jewelry, at any time of the day.

Instructions for use

  • Place the "Flower of Life" reload disc in a place well lit by natural light, such as a windowsill for example.
  • Remove the rolled rock crystal stones from the pouch, then spend the few seconds under tap water. Dry them with a clean cloth, then arrange them on the "Flower of Life" refill disc. Your purification and reloading kit is now ready.
  • Choose the rolled stone or lithotherapy jewel you want to purify and refill, then gently place it on the purification and reloading kit (proceed by 1 variety of stone or 1 jewel at a time).
  • Leave on for about 2 to 3 hours.
  • There you go! Your stones (or jewelry) have been purified and recharged. You will be able to feel their energy as on the first day!
  • Do you want to purify and recharge another stone, or another jewel? Clean the rock crystal by running it for a few seconds under tap water before starting a new cycle.

The Flower of Life and the Crystal of Rock: the perfect duo to purify and recharge your stones

Rock crystal

Rock crystal (also called quartz) is the queen stone of lithotherapy. It has the power to purify other stones by absorbing and destroying negative energies, and amplifying positive energies. It also makes it possible to activate the other stones, that is to say to make their energies perceptible while they seemed inert before.

Despite these impressive virtues, rock crystal also needs to be purified and recharged. After 4 to 5 cycles of use, let it soak for several hours in a container with tap water and a pinch of salt. Then expose it to the sun alone (with no other stone nearby), for 2 to 3 hours, on the Flower of Life reload disc.

If you follow these maintenance instructions, your rock crystal has a virtually unlimited lifespan!

The Flower of Life

It is its sacred geometry that gives its amazing powers to the Flower of Life. Indeed, this pretty pattern that seems to resemble a rose window is actually a representation of all the elements existing on earth and in the universe. Observe it carefully and you will find the pattern of construction of plants (think Romanesco cabbage!), DNA, crystals and minerals, stellar and planetary orbits, and even principles of arithmetic and mathematics such as the golden ratio. This gives a good idea of the power of this pattern!

The perfect geometry of the Flower of Life generates a universal vibrational energy that resonates with everything that touches it. This is why it has the ability to recharge all crystals and minerals, without exception.

Unlike rock crystal, the Flower of Life requires no maintenance.



Important: the therapeutic properties of the stones are given as an indication from teachings from reference books on Lithotherapy. This information should in no way replace medical treatment or the advice of a health professional. If you have symptoms of a disease, consult your doctor.

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